Gold StableCoin [ A New Method Of Combining Gold Technology With Blokchain Technology ]

•Excecutive Summary
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The blockchain technology has evolved, and digital ecosystem has become a very clever tool for storing digital currencies Decentralized and transparent in manner . Because blockchain technology, offers a transparent way of working, so it will give trust to users to be able to improve networks and bring positive value to community about a importance of blockchain technology, as a place to store their assets safely online. Because for business people, Blockchain Technology is very useful for all activities related to payment problems or purchasing problems. And based on research that has been done so far, Gold is oldest trade comodities in the world that has a great influence of the world economy development. we all know, if Gold is very widely used by public at this time, both used as the main jewelery or as a means for long-term investment. Therefore, Gold has changed its function, from jewelery, to a very promising investment. Therefore, there have been many people who hunt because of low price volatility, and a potential for excellent monetary storage. But a purchase, deposit and trade of gold is not for everyone. And all of that is caused by a high price of gold, so general decline in use of gold. But Gold continues to influence the world economy at this time, in addition from oil and gas.

•What Is This ?
As a blockchain technology-based project, Digital Gold aims to be utilized by traders, to store and use digital gold, through methods that are easily understood and implemented to encourage digitization in the financial markets. By using GOLD tokens, this will be very helpful for users. Why is that ?? because by buying GOLD tokens, which have the same coin value as one gram of 99.99% FINE gold, this will provide the right means for users as a place to invest in a safe way. And based on the data that has been obtained, the price of Gold will continue to rise, so that when viewed in terms of this increase, it will be very beneficial for GOLD token owners. Because the price of Gold tokens is the same as the price of Gold circulating on the market today. And through an easy procedure for buying GOLD tokens, this will certainly provide a great opportunity and opportunity for users to be able to have the gold and digital tokens ecosystem. Digital Gold is an innovative project and as a bridge between gold and the digital ecosystem.
Through the new revolution, which combines gold technology and blockchain will have a major impact on financial markets. Because through technology and excellence offered by Digital Gold. This will provide instant, inexpensive, and secure network transactions from Hacker attacks. As a project that uses its own funds, Digital Gold does not crowdfund, because Digital Gold is not an Initial Coin Offer.

• The Relationship Blokchain Technology And Digital Gold,
The development of technology has greatly changed in large part to revolutionize the entire financial market positively, even all aspects which include the financial industry, government and banking. We see the enormous role of Blokchain technology as a complete means to manage and create a more inclusive perspective, especially in a financial sector. And most of a world's finances from all institutions have researched, invested and developed a blockchain system, which aims to improve service efficiency, trust and features. Because system based on blockchain technology will make it easy for its customers to buy assets, store commodities, and those related to financial tools, this will certainly give a very positive value to the public about the existence of blockchain technology to help and expedite all their needs in an application of life everyday for real. By offering a transparent and decentralized way of working, a blockchain-based system that holds a user base that is controlled by a platform such as Ethereum, where by using this transaction method will provide trust among users. Digital Gold is a pure Gold based project. Where through Blokchain technology, users can buy digital Gold tokens that have the same value as 99.99% pure Gold through the blokchain system, which can be traded freely.

Because the value of Gold continues to increase and so many are interested, GOLD Tokens is a best solution available at this time, if you want to make an investment. Because GOLD tokens are stable digital assets with low volatility, this is certainly a safe way for users who want to get Gold through Blokchain technology. Besides that, through transparent work methods, every user who gets a GOLD token will diversify his portfolio, to find out the amount of gold spent. And this is to provide evidence of physical gold available in vault storage held by the company.

•Feature :

  • Low Cost Tokens That Do Not Require Transfer Fees,
    Users are free to make payment transactions or purchase transactions without having to think about the costs to be incurred. By using Ethereum ERC-20, users can send Gold tokens throughout the world without limits for free. Users can make payment transactions regardless of the amount they make because the transfer fee will be charged through the Ethereum network. So users only need gas which will be used as the cost of the transaction. And for users who want to invest, an annual storage fee of only 0.99% will be charged. This is a very small cost incurred by users than they have to store gold in a depository or bank.

-Opportunities To Diversify Portfolios,
Based on the facts that often occur at this time, the majority of existing coins cannot maintain their value for long-term prospects. Because the product that is owned does not really have the function and benefit for the community in real use. But Gold is a high value and has been used as a trading transaction tool or used as jewelery that has a very high financial value, and possesses confidence in the users and the world community in general. Through the collaboration between Blokchain technology and Digital Gold, this is a very safe way to invest in the long term. Because by having a GOLD token you can directly to trade these coins easily and quickly.

-Securing Gold Ownership,
Digital Gold guarantees the security of its users, as long as the user token protects itself against key loggers and other forms of computer malware. Through the GOLD token, the actual assets, namely 99.99% pure Gold are safely stored in the dome, the Gold has been insured with the Chubb Insurance insurance company, and is stored in Singapore, so that it will guarantee the assets owned by the user. then token users do not need to worry about the loss of assets they own. Because the User is free to conduct due diligence by verifying BullionStar direct audit reports which are issued quarterly, thereby confirming the value of gold deposited. Because Digital Gold is protected by high-tech security.

-Digital GOLD High Liquidity,
As a guarantor of liquidity, DIGITAL GOLD LTD gives freedom to users to be able to buy GOLD tokens in accordance with the amount they want, whether in large quantities or in small quantities. Because as a token issuing company, DIGITAL GOLD LTD provides another benefit for its users, namely 24/7 service. Liquidity itself is based on the current Gold price on the market. And for users who want to buy GOLD tokens, please buy in the Digital Gold market or through an exchange between partners who have GOLD tokens.

-Private Gold Ownership Experience,
GOLD tokens allow physical ownership of gold while remaining private.
Because Gold is a very valuable asset, if you want to buy GOLD tokens, it is required to comply with applicable procedures and regulations with the aim of giving ownership and purchase rights to Gold that you have purchased in large quantities.

-Guaranteed From The Purchased GOLD,
As the right choice for investing, the right answer is gold. Because by investing in Gold, will provide a bright future for every user who decides to invest in this Gold. Gold is the hope of a very profitable future. Because we know, if Gold is a precious metal that is in great demand by all walks of life in the world and has a high value from year to year. Of course this is the best way, if we want to invest in Gold.


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