Ever since the introduction of blockchain technology the rate at which the financial sector of the world moving is at the high speed. The rate of development in the sectors like education, health, transportation and agriculture has been a tremendous way. This is why introduction of blockchain technology into M2M economy and powering of IOT is one of the great things in this era. Let’s not forget how the adoption of blockchain technology has impacted the whole world and there has been lots of positivity where applied.

There have been some challenges facing the IOT which needs to be address and that’s why WISE project has come up with solution to these problems. The identified problems include the SECURITY, DATA RELIABILITY and AVAILABILITY, PRIVACY ISSUE, and DEVICE INTEROPERABILITY. It is discovered that IOT has a lot of security issues and damages which the attention of the different private and public sectors have been drawn to it. High security should be the priority and main objective of every private and public sectors. The world have recorded lots of losses and attacks as a result of insecurity in which much attention has been drawn to this and all sectors have been advice to make the security of their companies as number one priority. Thanks to WISE platform which has come with a new project with increased security feature.
PRIVACY issue has been another one facing majority of the sectors. There has been series of threats received as a result of the use of GPS, CAMERAS and VOICE RECOGNITION. This is why WISE platform has introduced a blockchain based project which will rectify the issue of threats received as a result of use of GPS and CAMERAS.

Another issue’s not to forget mentioning is the issues of device interoperability and likewise the reliability of DATA and its availability. All these issues are not just mere problems because these have been affecting both the public and private sectors over the time and this is why I’m happy to inform you that WISE platform is ready to solve the problems through the introduction of blockchain technology.

WISE network objectives is to bring a solution to the problems affecting the IOT industries through the use of blockchain enabled system on a CHIP known as WISE SMC (AMS-SoC). The use of SMC by WISE platform will in the area of RADIO-WAVE, IMPLEMENTATION of BLOCKCHAIN technology, MANAGEMENT of DATA, and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

The advanced features of WISE SMC have been identified to be ADVANCED SECURITY, MACHINE LEARNING WISDOM, MESH NETWORK, and wNET which is a secured communication protocol. Individual WISE device is programmed with multi-layered security solutions which will help in the connectivity protection and ECU Protection.

WISE TOKEN => This is a utility token designed to power the blockchain of all WISE SMCs.
Token Symbol => WSE

35% Allocated to Token Sale
30% Allocated to Business functions
20% Allocated to Token Reserve
5% Allocated to AIRDROPS
4% Allocated to Advisors
6% Allocated to Team

WISE TEAM is made up of experienced members in the field of IOT and micro-chips. The experienced of the members and their skills will help them achieving their objectives and aims.



For more information about WISE check the links below

Website => https://wise.cr/

Whitepaper => https://wise.cr/docs/Wise-Network-Whitepaper.pdf

ANN Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5101714

Telegram => https://t.me/wisecr

Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/WISE-Network-567111977077858/

Twitter => https://twitter.com/network_wise

Linkedln => https://twitter.com/network_wise

Github => https://github.com/GBTTech/wise-erc20-token-smart-contract

Youtube => https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9uQAInb_3IdCCa5L2up3NQ

Bitcointalk User Profile => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1996602

Bitcointalk Username => Bellokudi

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