The rate at which urbanization is increasing is also causing increase in urban poverty and food insecurity.
In order to manage the agricultural supply chain product as they move value chain, participants need a secure, transparent, nest worthy platform and market place. Agro chain management build networks amongst key strike holders, improve delivery, reduces costs and inefficiencies.

VFARM believes that urban vertical farming is the solution to the major concern above. The idea of building vertically stacked farms on skyscrapers that produce crops twice as fast and still concerve resources liske power, food and water is the way out. VFARM system is a proven, research backed urban farming technology licensed by Agrosky Sdn. Bhd (ASSB). The vfarm system is to provide a DLT blockchain layer that creates an immutable record batch of produce, to enable verification of source, planting, packaging, distribution and helps ecosystem users to have total traceability of produce on food security.

Vfarm’s economic model is based upon social enterprise which are the future of development and also the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

World population is moving to urban area at rapid increasing pace and as such when this happen there will be food shortage, water shortage, diseases, income disparity. In other to avoid this there has there to be adhoc strategies

The technology that provides an answer to this problem will be at the epicenter of a USD$317 billion agricultural revolution. The answer is a high density vertical farming system capable of producing 360times per square foot more produce than conventional farming and is capable of producing plants for food, cosmetics and medicine. The system also needs to be capable of quick deployment to any city in the world.

Vfarm aims to revolutionize urban farming by licensing vfarm systemmodule globally. Vfarm system can be applied for the planting, production and distribution of plants for the use on food, cosmetics and medical purposes. With the spirit of human building as vfarms principal guideline, vfarm was initiated to spur the growth of social economic equity through sustainable ideas and projects. Vfarm aspire to create a world class human capital growth through their social enterprise economic model.

Vfarm’s goal is not only to make profit making positive impact but also combact social economic inequality by combining social responsibility with entrepreneurship to increase the growth of economic equity and it has been proven.

Vfarm is based on a revolutionary, protected agricultural technology which has been researched, tested by National Research Institute in the year 2014. Vfarm eco-system covers the entire supply chain processes. Latest vertical farming technology is used in their farm like LED lighting system Temperature, Irrigation and nutrient balance to allow average crop yield compared to traditional cultivation. And this ecosystem helps to improvise time markets while reducing agricultural value chain costs and efficiency.

Market pain point : Half of worlds populations will be living in cities and they will be the main centres of growth.

Food security : As there will be increase in population of urban areas there will be decrease in crop production and a decrease in human nutrition

Environmental issues : Degradation, contamination of land, water and forest resources caused by poorly planned urbanization will cause risk of life in the forefront.

Nutritional wellbeing : People who move to cities should adopt new methods of acquiring preparing and eating food because most city dwellets eat processed and good convenience foods including street food which can cause chronic diseases

Urban food marketing : As cities grows in population and area they require more infrastructures and enhances rural urban linkages and marketing arrangement to bring increasing quantities to consumers, but for urban consumers several factors generates additional costs and raises consumers prices. Because of expanding urbanization food has to be transported over greater distance and for low-in food come families the further the distance from market the higher the time and transport cost.

Fresh food : For food safety and quality urban people now prefer fresh food than processed food and most of the fresh food are mostly from rural areas and as cities expand, so does the length of the rural-urban supply chain. Social Impact Based Consumption consumers are more concerned now on how the choices they make affect the world around them and giving them opportunity to make decision and choices about the produce they use to create affinity to source and channel of consumption

Token Symbol => VFT
Token Type => ERC20
Token Price => $0.10
Token Supply => 375,000,000 VFT
Accepted Payment Method => BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC


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