TOBET project is a worldwide decentralized gaming platform which aims at providing smooth predictions and betting for game lovers globally. With the ongoing development in the project there are already active games (CRASH, DICE, THREE DUKE, HAPPY BULL and BLACK JACK) in which gamblers can easily place a bet on using EOS tokens. There are still some other games that are under development which will be available for betting soon. The main objective of the blockchain based project is simply to cut-out the involvement of middlemen in every transaction and activities. This is the reasons why TOBET has developed a decentralized gaming platfom which will also eradicate the involvement of middlemen in the sport and gaming activities through the use of blockchain technology. TOBET project is launched on EOS blockchain network which is one of the most secured, fast, transparent and advanced blockchain network in existence.

TOBET project intends to transform the whole betting industries through the use of blockchain technology. TOBET blockchain platform will improve security, transparency, speed of transaction, deposit and withdrawal in the Gaming and betting industries. There has been some identified issues with the local betting industries which are limited funds and resources, lack of trust, transparency issue, high transaction fees for players, slow deposit and withdrawals and lots more has caused some set back in the gaming industries. TOBET will rectify these issues with all the newly introduced features in its betting and gaming platform.

TOBET project will offer its players and members with good betting experience through the use of the newly developed user interface which is one of the best in the gaming industries. Good user interface is one of the features that do attract people to the platform. With the improved user interface in the TOBET platform, players will enjoy a unique and engaging betting experience for all players globally.

As I have mentioned earlier, lack of trust is a major issue facing local betting platform as a result of exploitation that has happened in the system, players have lost interest in the local betting platform. TOBET platform will restore trust into the betting platform through the use of the latest advanced blockchain technology.
Players are often charged high fees in the platform simply because the cost of running local gaming platform is high. With TOBET decentralized platform there will little or no charges for every gaming activities performed by players in the platform

TOBET will be the best among others simply because TOBET has gone through all the difficulties experienced by players in the other platform which has given the project more ideas on what players really want and likewise what best for the gaming industries which this will definitely bring a whole new experience for the players in the TOBET platform.


TOBET is designed in such a way that the whole betting activities are recorded on the blockchain which will be transparent, secured and autonomous which simply means players and users will have more control over their account and activities conducted by the players in the platform.

Without any involvement of centralized authority, TOBET players can play any game they want without any restrictions or limitations which is the essence of its decentralization
Another features of TOBET project is that it has launched its own token in which players can bet with its token (TOB). The more TOB a player holds in the platform, the more reward they get.


Token Name => TOB
Token Type => EOS
Blockchain Type => EOS Blockchain

50% Allocated to Game Mining
20% Allocated to Development Team
15% Allocated to Strategic Partnership
10% Allocated to Operation
5% Allocated to Referral Program


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