Online game and gambling has been making waves in the cyberspace as a result of adoption of crypto-currency. The gaming sector offers lots of pleasure and entertainment and likewise lots of profits are been realized from the gambling platforms. Billions of dollars have been generated from the gambling industries over the years in which this means there are lots of profits and players in the industries. But despite this huge profits generated from the betting industries there are still some issues that need immediate attentions. We have all seen the profits generated from the industries I believed with the proper use of blockchain technology more profits would be generated.

As observed with the native gambling platform the issue of slow processing and withdrawals of winning has been one of the major issues affecting the traditional platform. Players always pass through series of difficulties and risks before winning and getting their payments shouldn’t be difficult like playing games. Players withdrawal were been noted to be delayed for at times more 4-5days. Because of this reason is why TOBET platform has come up with a new decentralized blockchain project on EOS platform to solve the difficulties of delayed in payment. With TOBET blockchain adoption and use of EOS blockchain, players won’t experience any form of delay in their payments again.

As observed in the traditional platform, players always think twice before wagging their assets on any game in the platform. This doubt from the players arise as a result of lack of trust and transparency in the platform which has been the main factors affecting the progress of the gaming industries. As much as players wish to wage large amounts of funds on a particular game they always worry about the trust level of the platform if it really worth taking the risks or not. This is why TOBET platform will offer a new dimension in the world of gambling through the use of blockchain technology to increase the trust level of the gaming platform.
We have also observed high fees been charged by traditional platforms from players in which the fees charged most times do equivalent to the amount of winning in the platform. Imagine wasting lots of time and resources all day gambling and at the end of the day the little winning generated would be charged as fees. I think this is bad enough and that’s why TOBET platform through the adoption of blockchain technology will bring an end to the issue of high fees. TOBET platform is designed in such a way that there is total eradication of third-party services which do charge high percentage of fees. The use of smart contract has been adopted by TOBET to automate transactions in the platform thereby reducing the charges on the players.

With the introduction of new games such as DICE, BLACKJACK, CRASH, THREE DUKE and HAPPYBULL players all over the world will be able to select their favorite game, play anytime they want and likewise make more profits.
From the design of the website it’s never a doubt that TOBET platform has been the best in the area of user interface which is more important than every other feature. Easy accessibility of the platform by the players is one of the priorities of TOBET platform.
As we have seen lots of gaming platforms been hacked recently in which lots of funds have been stolen from those platforms, because of this TOBET has intensified its security system to safeguard the funds and assets of players in the platform.

TOBET is different from any other project because it has already launched its gambling platform and there are more rewards and incentives for players and token holders in the platform. The more TOBET token the players hold the more the dividends earn.

Token Name => TOB
Token Type => EOS
Blockchain Type => EOS Blockchain

50% Allocated to Game Mining
20% Allocated to Development Team
15% Allocated to Strategic Partnership
10% Allocated to Operation
5% Allocated to Referral Program


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