Hello to you all, It has been an outstanding week in the world of crypto-currency. Throughout last week there has been smile at the faces of crypto-currency traders and investors as a result of increase in the price of crypto-currency globally. Throughout last week majority of my article and posts focused on the crypto-currency trade and market price. But today I have come with another blockchain based interesting trading project for all crypto-currency traders and investors. The project is known as TAGZ
TAGZ is a blockchain based project and at this stage, I don’t think I need to explain more about blockchain technology and its potential because I believed majority of us knows exactly what this technology is all about and what it does exactly. But for the sake of the new subscribers reading this post, I will quickly say that BLOCKCHAIN is a technology that keeps the records of all transactions. Blockchain technology makes use of distributed system for verification of every transaction. This technology is the best in terms of SPEED, TRANSPARENCY and SECURITY which makes it an advanced and most used latest technology in the universe. With this little explanation about blockchain technology I hope you won’t have any problem when discussing about the use of this technology in TAGZ platform.

To start with, we have all known that the application of blockchain technology has been mostly used and more effective in the FINANCIAL sector. I believed at some points in time you must have asked yourself “do we really need this blockchain technology” but the simple truth is that YES we do need the blockchain technology. Have you forgotten how we do trade and transact in some years past. Have you forgotten the difficulties went through before there could be any successful transaction in the years past? In those years the, financial world always experienced slow and delay in processing of transaction, high fees, lack of trust and transparency, lack of good security and customers support. But all thanks to blockchain technology which has brought solutions to these problems and that is why TAGZ has introduced a blockchain based project trading platform for all traders and investors around the globe.

TAGZ is a registered and regulated crypto-currency exchange based in AUSTRALIA. TAGZ aims and objectives is to help crypto-currency traders by eradicating the problem of manipulation as been experienced in the other trading platform. It also aims to solve the problem of security through the use of blockchain technology and some advanced security tools. If you have been an active traders and you have been following the crypto-currency news, you will discovered some big crypto-currency was hacked recently which has led to loss of funds and assets. This is why TAGZ platform has makes their priority to provide the best and secured trading platform.

TAGZ platform will eradicate the issue of liquidity which has been affecting other trading platform. Because of low volume on other trading platform, majority of the trading platform have resulted to use of bots for trading which this is simply called manipulation. Today TAGZ has developed a good trading platform which will bring real traders into its platform thereby increase the trading volume and liquidity.

Another feature of TAGZ platform is accessibility to traditional crypto and derivative future trading in one single platform which is simply tagged as DUAL GATEWAY EXCHANGE (DGE). This has been an impossible task for other crypto-currency exchange and this is why I believed TAGZ will be the best among others. With TAGZ derivative, traders can trade up to 200x leverages.

Low trading fees is another advantage of TAGZ platform. Other crypto-currency platforms have resulted to charging customers high fees which is simply extortion to the traders.

TAGZ has launched their own token in the platform which will be used to reward users and traders in the platform. The token will also be used as trading fees and transaction fee in the platform.

Soft-Cap => 1,100,000 USD
Hard-Cap => 7,500,000 USD
Token Price => 1 TAGZ = $0.1375
Accepted Payment Method => BTC, ETH, LTC
ICO Date => May 9th 2019 – June 30th 2019

64% Allocated to ICO
25% Allocated to Reserve
9% Allocated to Founders and Team
1% Allocated to Advisors

38% Allocated to platform Development
28% Allocated to Marketing
19% Allocated to Security Maintenance
15% Allocated to Regulatory Compliance



To know more about TAGZ project check below
Website => https://www.tagz.com/

Whitepaper => https://tagz.com/wp-content/uploads/tagz_whitepaper.pdf

ANN Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5124779

Medium => https://medium.com/@tagzexchange

Twitter => https://twitter.com/tagzexchange

Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/tagzexchange/

Reddit => https://www.reddit.com/user/tagzexchange

Linkedln => https://www.linkedin.com/company/tagzexchange/

Youtube => https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnksUM6Pyd9eGLQkyaV_AAw

Telegram => https://t.me/tagzexchange

Bitcointalk User Profile => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1996602

Bitcointalk Username => Bellokudi

Author => Lekato

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