Behind every successful business, there are always loyalty customers and users which are the most valuable forces behind the success of every business. Organizations tend to make available the best services for their customers and also provide loyalty programs so as to reward their customers for their patronage. This approach of loyalty program by the companies has been then most effective way to promote the business and likewise satisfy the customers in which at the end, both the customers and the organization gains a lot from the loyalty program.
The idea of loyalty program by organization has been the best method for generating revenue by the businesses though the still need a well documented structures and management which is why today SMATHIUM has introduced a blockchain based and well structured loyalty program for users and different customers all over the world.

There has been series of problems affecting the previous loyalty programs ranges from HIGH EXCHANGE point, DELAYS AND HIGH COSTS, CLOSED STRUCTURES, LACK OF GOOD REWARDS, LACK OF DIFFERENTIATIONS and many other more. This problem is what SMATHIUM platform has identified and is ready to provide solutions to it through the use of blockchain technology in its platform.
SMATHIUM is ready to revolutionize the whole loyalty program through the use of blockchain technology in which good reward system will be adopted in the platform. SMATHIUM project is all about an innovation which will make loyalty rewards program more easy to use.

The use of blockchain will reduce the cost and also improve the system management, acquisition of customers and improve the transaction within the system. The use of smart contracts will help in reducing the costs of loyalty program for the companies and organization unlike what we do experienced in the traditional loyalty reward platforms. The use of blockchain technology by SMATHIUM will help improving the security and transparency level of the loyalty reward program. As long as the records of every transactions would be kept in the blockchain network, customers and users can easily check the payment and transactions records on the blockchain network whenever they want. The traditional system is made up of manual processing in which there has been allegation of manipulation in the traditional platforms.

The use of blockchain technology by SMATHIUM will help customers to keep their earned rewards on their wallets and will be able to redeem the points for any other products, goods or services whenever they want. Customers in SMATHIUM platform have full access and controls over their accounts in the platform in which they can easily use their rewards and points for any other thing they want in the platform.

SMATHIUM members will be able to receive their rewards in a single form of currency and also members of SMATHIUM platform will be able to sell or buy their benefits in the platform.

SMATHIUM will also introduce a blockchain based app in which user will be able to use easily and store their rewards safely in the app.

SMATHIUM has partnered with some other projects in the crypto-currency world for the success of its loyalty program. SMATHIUM is launched on ethereum blockchain network which is one of the best and most used blockchain networks.

Token Symbol => SMT
Token Supply => 10,000,000,000 SMT
Token Sale => 4,000,000,000 SMT
Token Price => 1 ETH = 20,000 – 25,000 SMT

40% Allocated to investors
30% Allocated to loyalty factory
13% Allocated to Smathium Team
10% Allocated to Marketing and Promotion
7% Allocated to Investors

40% Allocated to Operations
30% Allocated to Development
30% Allocated to Marketing



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