There has been an increase in popularity and widespread use of blockchain trechnology over the years. Blockchain has been the main technology which all crypto-currency in existences relies on and it has shown good development and growth in all other sectors applied. Its application in security, transport, finance has been a great one to mankind. It’s reliable and its decentralized nature makes it difficult for its data to be manipulated.

We have seen the strength of this blockchain technology in other sectors but what can this technology offer the social networks at large?
I will be discussing about SESSIA project today which is a blockchain platform for the sales of products.

SESSIA is an online marketplace for merchants in which users earned reward and cash-back on their purchases in the platform. Giving rewards and incentives to merchants in SESSIA platform is one of the greatest things that will ever happen to merchants.

As for the companies and online stores, SESSIA platform will reduce the cost of marketing affecting the online stores and market-place it will also introduce features that will bring more efficiency in its platform through the use of blockchain technology. The online marketplace is facing the challenges of lack of customers as a result of lack of trust, transparency and insecurity which has been affecting the platform for long. Today, SESSIA project which has been launched on blockchain network which will bring justice to the marketing system through the use of smart contract to perfect and automate deals and transaction between members of the community.

In order for the full utilization of SESSIA platform, SESSIA has introduced a smart-phone with an inbuilt social network which the merchants can easily use to promote and advertise their product. The cost of advertisement in the traditional platform is always high this is why SESSIA has introduced its own channels of advertisement. The smart-phone is built with notification in which users will be receiving notifications based on ongoing activities in his/her account. There is total eradication of intermediaries with the use of SESSIA platform and this will help to build a long term relationship within them-selves
SESSIA is designed in such a way that users can easily buy good and making payment for services using money or kicks. It has been designed in such a way that companies and industries will be able to make cash-back payment for their customers

Another great feature of SESSIA is the introduction of transparency reports which means that users will be able to see all completed transaction at user’s dashboard.
Setting up of SESSIA accounts is very easy on its platform and all what the user’s needs to do is to register and download the app, the users will be asked to fill and complete his profile in which users accounts will be made active after this simple steps.

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