The global adoption of crypto-currency has been questioned by elites in the world as a result of lack of good crypto-currency exchange. Before the general adoption of crypto-currency there is need for provision of crypto-currency exchange whereby users and members can easily exchange or trade their crypto-currency into fiat or vice versa. Some issues have been recorded with the previous crypto-currency exchange such as lack of trust and loyalty issues, lack of good user interface, high transaction fees, difficulty of real time trading, slow deposit and withdrawal. Both centralized and decentralized exchange platform have come under lots of criticism as a result of problems facing each of these exchanges. Users tends to have little or no profit trading in some crypto-currency exchange as a result of high trading fees in which this high fees that should have been used as profit has been used instead as transaction fees.

Another problem facing the crypto-currency exchanges include lack of security. This has been a serious issue for exchanges over the time. Crypto-currency traders tend to lose hope and move away from some exchanges as a result of series of hacks and attacks. Traders always get worried over the safety of their fund in the crypto-exchanges. Series of hacks and attacks are been recorded everyday in crypto-exchanges which this has make users and traders clamoring for more secured crypto-currency exchange. These are the reasons why XCRYPT has launched a crypto-currency exchange that will be free of all the problems and difficulties mentioned above.

XCRYPT is the first HYBRID exchange that combines both CDENTRALIZED and DECENTRALIZED features of an exchange. Introduction of a hybrid exchange is a welcome development in this ERA because centralized and decentralized exchanges have one or little difficulties facing them, but with an HYBRID exchange, Crypto-trader will have rest of mind over the security and safety of their fund because XCRYPT exchange will rectify and combine all the good features of both centralized and decentralized exchange.

XCRYPT project has introduced a good security measures to counter the security issues such as adoption of encrypted wallet with AES-256 which are secured offline. With XCRYPT exchange traders can easily say bye-bye to issues of hacks and attacks which this will be achievable through the introduction of blockchain technology that will involve the use of smart contract to bring full automation into the platform and at the same time increase the transparency of the platform which users and traders have been clamoring to have for a long period of time

Another good feature of XCRYPT exchange is the eradication of high trading fees in which XCRYPT has put in some measures to make this zero trading fees work excellent without any complication from both the investors and traders. If there is little or no trading fees in an exchange, traders would be very happy to make use of the exchange because they have faced a lot of challenges as a result of high transaction and trading fees before. This feature will make XCRYPT unique and outstanding crypto-currency exchange.

The following features listed below makes XCRYPT platform an outstanding crypto-currency exchange.

Adoption of features of both Centralized and decentralized exchange platform

Withdrawals of FIAT from the sales of crypto-currency in which only few exchanges have this feature

Storage of both FIAT and crypto-currency coin

Good Airdrop Ranking System

Adoption of Both ERC20 and ERC721 token type

Adoption of Zero Trading fees

Introduction of custom built BOT trading

Adoption of dependable digital wallet

Introduction of multi-languages in the platform

Fast deposit and withdrawals

Adoption of user friendly interface with an ease to use mobile App


This is an exchange token that will be used in XCRYPT platform as a transaction fees, trading fees, withdrawal fees and access to all form of incentives to holders and traders in XCRYPT platform.


Token supply 200,000,000

Token Symbol => XCT


65% Allocated to token sales

8% Allocated to Partners and advisors

15% Allocated to project team share

9% Allocated to bonus and reserves

3% Allocated to bounties


52% Allocated to Ecosystem development

4% Allocated to Financial overhead

15% Allocated to marketing

10% Allocated to IT infrastructure

19% Allocated to legal and regulatory



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