CRYPTOXYGEN is another great blockchain based project I will be reviewing today. After series of discussion about the price of crypto-currency during the week, I discovered that blockchain technology has come to stay and people have started realizing that the world cannot do without this great technology.

As I have said earlier on, my review will be on CRYPTOXYGEN. CRYPTOXYGEN is an exchange project on blockchain network which has started its ICO and token sales for all the interested investors as early as Jan, 2019. The essence of the ICO is to allow the early investor by this token at a cheaper rate before listing it on an exchange. You might be wondering why you have to buy this token or why is it so important. This is what I will be discussing below and I believed after this review you will convince to buy this project’s token.

CRYPTOXYGEN is a payment solution platform with a SECURED crypto-currency wallet. If you observed very well I mentioned the word “secured”? This is because security has been the major issue and challenges facing the exchange platform lately and we have seen billions of dollars and customers fund be stolen in the actions. CRTPTOXYGEN is the first regulated crypto-currency in EUROPE and this regulation will help the customers and traders have more trusts in the platform than any other platforms without regulations. This regulations means there is 100% guarantee for the safety of funds and customers assets.

CRYPTOXYGEN is a centralized trading platform for the traders and investors around the globe. As observed, centralized platform have always been the best of all crypto-currency exchange in existence. There always have high liquidity compare to the other forms of exchange. Centralized exchange have a very good transaction speed which is why CRYPTOXYGEN platform been a centralized platform has implement some advanced trading features in the platform which will improve the speed of transaction in the platform.

CRYPTOXYGEN platform will be the best in terms of good customer’s support, good customers support has always been a major problem in the other crypto-currency exchange. CRYPTOXYGEN customer support will be available 24/7 both during ICO and post ICO period.

CRYPTOXYGEN has launched its project on ETHEREUM blockchain network which is one of the most used and popular blockchain network in the universe. CRYPTOXYGEN has launched its token on this blockchain network in which the token can be used for 0% trading and transaction fees between CRYPTOXYGEN exchange wallet. Every users and holders of CRYPTOXYGEN token will have a discounted trading and withdrawal fees. Holding the token will make them for different loyalty program launches in the platform.

CRYPTOXYGEN project has makes it easy for other projects to list their tokens on its exchange unlike difficulties they do experienced with listing on other exchange. Other crypto-currency exchange always charge high listing fees which this has scared of majority of the projects from listing on the exchange.

CRYPTOXYGEN listing procedures is very simple and easy in which the representative of the project can easily contact CRYPTOXYGEN team and finalized the deal within short period of time.

Token Symbol => OXY2
Token Type => ERC20
Token Supply => 250,000,000

60% Allocated to ICO
18% Allocated to Development
16% Allocated to Founders Funds
15% Allocated to Pre-ICO

27% Allocated to Development
25% Allocated to Marketing
5% Allocated to Legal
15% Allocated to Security
10% Allocated to Payroll
5% Allocated to Others



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