Blockchain technology has been one of the latest and the best technologies that played an important role in this century. Whenever people hear about blockchain technology, all what came to their minds is just about Bitcoin and other crypto-currency in existence. But the truth is that blockchain technology goes far beyond Bitcoin alone. The work and function of blockchain is not just lmited to crypto-currency transactions alone. Blockchain technology has been tested and adopted in some other area of life. Blockchain technology has proven to be useful and the best in areas like EDUCATION, FINANCE, AGRICULTURE, TRANSPORTATION, HOUSING and lot more. Today I will be discussing about another great project that has adopted this technology in the HEALTHCARE sector. The project that has adopted the use of blockchain technology is known as “IAM” (INSTANT ACCESS MEDICAL)

INSTANT ACCESS MEDICAL (IAM) is a blockchain based platform that aims to solve all the present healthcare issues like abuse of drug prescription, insurance fraud, lack of transparency, loss of patience data, medical adherence. IAM project will adopt the use of smart contract on the platform to automate all medical activities that would be performed in the platform without the involvement of third-party services. With the adoption of blockchain technology in IAM platform, there will be adequate tracking of user’s data and there will be property security for the user’s data. Adoption of blockchain technology in IAM project will allow constant and smooth monitoring of users for better healthcare program because the data of the users will be documented on the blockchain network in which there will be quick access to it whenever it’s been needed

As we are all aware that the success of public health care projects at times depends on collaboration and partnership deal with other existing projects with deep information about healthcare because this is an important sector of human life in which more professionalism and attention is needed in it. This is why IAM has partnered with GUARDTIME, HEALTHCARE GATEWAY and DXS to make sure to make sure IAM project is a successful one. Some other International partners include MOXTRA, FORCARE, VALIDIC’S and HEALTHONE. Through DXS and HEALTHCARE GATEWAY, users in the European country will be able to make use of IAM platform through. Users record can easily be kept on blockchain network, Users will be able to pay for healthcare services with the use of IAM token

With IAM platform, users will have more access and control over its personal records and data in the platform. In order for this to be easy for users, IAM has launched a mobile app for users globally which will help them with quick access to the healthcare system. IAM mobile app will also help the users to know their medical history from their hospital and healthcare providers. With IAM mobile app users will be able to see their last date of diagnosis for each ailment. The app is designed with multi-language which will make it easier to use for people from different part of the world
IAM has developed its own token in which holders of the token will be able to keep their medical records on blockchain network. It will also help them in sharing their kept record with the right medical personnel. Holders of the IAM token will be able to pay for. Holders of IAM token will be able to use the token to pay for healthcare services through the IAM platform.

Token Symbol => IAM
Token Supply => 500,000,000
Token Price => $0.40
Token Type => ERC20
Token Sale Schedule => 16th Jan 2019 – 14th March 2019

50% Allocated to token sales
38% Allocated to IAM reserve
8% Allocated to Team and Founders
2% Allocated to community engagement
2% Allocated to Bounty Program

75% Allocated to delivery of healthcare services
25% Allocated to Platform development and launch expenses


Website => https://www.instantaccessmedical.io/

Litepaper => http://www.instantaccessmedical.io/documents/Litepaper.pdf#toolbar=0&navpanes=0

Bitcointalk Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5039302.0

Telegram => https://t.me/iAMcommunity

Reddit => https://www.reddit.com/r/InstantAccessMedical/

Twitter => http://bit.ly/2CitunE/

Bitcointalk User Profile => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1996602

Bitcointalk Username => Bellokudi

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