Today, I want to start this review of a great project by saying hello to all my subscribers and followers. Today is another beautiful day in the world of crypto-currency. The last few weeks have been a busy weeks because of researches that needs to be done in order to recommend the best crypto-currency project to the communities.

Today I want to review a project known as “EARNSBIT”. This is a crypto-currency exchange project developed to revolutionize the financial industries. You may be asking yourself why revolutionizing the financial sectors. The financial sector needs to be revolutionized if there would be growth and development in the global economy. The traditional financial institution we have been using over the years have caused more damages than good to the global economy and because of this there is urgent need for improvement which is why EARNSBIT was launched to revolutionize and solve the problem facing the financial industries through the use of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology has been a great tool in the growth and development of the FINANCIAL industries and sectors. Blockchain technology has been used in education sector, transportation sector and health sector. But its impact has been greatly felt in the financial sector.

The use of blockchain technology in the financial sector has greatly improved the way transactions are been done compared to what the world have experienced in the past. Blockchain technology has helped the financial institutions and industries in area like high speed, improved security, trust and transparency which all have been lacking in the traditional system.

In order to greatly improve the global financial system, EARNSBIT has introduced a trading and exchange platform. Crypto-currency trade has been one of the most profitable investments in this century and that’s why majority of the crypto-users have gone into trading fully. But mind you trading of crypto-currency is not as easy as people thought but the difficulties and its easiness depends on the platform the traders are using to trade. We have seen series of trading and exchange platform that have made crypto-currency trading more difficult for traders and because of these trading issues is the reasons why EARNSBIT was developed so as to put an end to the problems facing the existing one.

EARNSBIT platform as I have said before is a crypto-currency trading platform but with more priorities on HIGH SECURITY, FLEXIBILITY, LOW FEES, FRIENDLY INTERFACE, HIGH LEVEL OF TRUST AND TRANSPARENCY with QUICK DEPOSIT and WITHDRAWAL. Before and after the launch of EARNSBIT trading platform, there have been some other platforms with the same trading features as EARNSBIT but in reality, none of them has been able to rectify the problems of the financial sectors.

Security and reliability of the previous and new exchange platforms have been questioned times without number. Majority of the crypto-currency exchange platform have failed to implement good security system in their platforms which their negligence have led to the loss of trader’s funds in there platform. Another problem is the lack of transparency which we have seen lacking in the other exchange platform. EARNSBIT exchange platform has come with an advanced security system to solve the problems of security and transparency through the use of blockchain technology.

EARNSBIT has solved the issue of high transaction which are always been charged by the other trading platform. EARNSBIT platform has also been built with high trading engine which means the platform can process millions of trade within seconds.

EARNSBIT exchange has introduced an IEO section on the platform which will give room for new crypto-currency project to conduct fund raising and likewise get listed on EARNSBIT exchange immediately after the IEO. IEO has been the new way for crypto-currency project to raise fund and the safest ways for investors to invest in a new project because the market has been hit with lots of scammed project which has run away with investor’s money. With IEO on EARNSBIT investors funds are safe and likewise guaranteed.

Token Supply => 200,000,000
Token Symbol => ESBIT
Token Type => ERC20
IEO Supply => 80,000,000
IEO price => $0.07 - $0.14

50% Allocated to Community & Reward
30% Allocated to Reserve Funding & Rewards
9% Allocated to Developers
9% Allocated to Funders and Team
2% Allocated to Advisors

40% Allocated to Liquidity
25% Allocated to Operations
20% Allocated to Regulations & Legal
10% Allocated to Marketing
5% Allocated to Treasury


To know more about EARNSBIT check the links below
Website: https://earnsbit.com/

Whitepaper: https://earnsbit.com/api/v1/whitepaper

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EarnsBitExchange/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EarnsBit

Medium: https://medium.com/@bitearns

Telegram: https://t.me/EarnsBitExchange/

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