Blockchain generation is replacing the modern centralized business version of financial services enterprises. Banks and financial establishment are exploring different approaches to implement blockchain tech to lessen transaction prices, increase transaction speed, remove multiple transaction and also mitigate frauds.
Crypto-currencies promise to offer a progressive option to the modern-day problems going through the global transaction market. This is the reason why DEXACOIN project is been launched so as to ensure the there is high transaction speed, high security and high level of trust and transparency in the global transactions.

DEXACOIN project is launched and designed to simplifying the way transaction are been done around the world with the help of adoption of blockchain technology in its platform.

DEXACOIN aims to bring financial transaction closer to people around the world through the use of mobile device. DEXACOIN is designed in such a way that anybody that knows how to operate a mobile device will be able to make transaction in its platform easily without any difficulties or limitations.

Fraud is one of the main problems for the economic and financial enterprise. One of the main advantages of blockchain technology is the difficulties and impossibility is present to the fraudsters and hackers to penetrate the machine simply because transactions at the blockchain are well secured making difficult for hackers and fraudsters to penetrate. The links among the blocks and their content are covered by using cryptography so that previous transactions cannot be destroyed or cast.

Presently, it was discovered that global payments are conducted via a network of correspondent banks or cash switch vendors which might be open to high security risk. With the use of DEXACOIN platform, global payment and transaction will be made easy for everybody. DEXACOIN system through the use of blockchain technology will permit both the sender and recipient to fully understand where their money is. There won’t be any lags throughout the exchange and transaction process because the decentralized blockchain generation eliminates the middleman which has always been the major cause of delay and lags during transactions and transfers.

Advantages of blockchain technology is high level of transparency, security, user friendly are all what DEXACOIN project has pledge to deliver to people around the world. With the use of the “APP” in DEXACOIN platform, people and members will be able to communicate frequently with whoever they want to transact with and also it will be easy for them to follow up their transaction. DEXACOIN APP is designed with instant messaging feature in which members can easily chat and discuss within themselves without the need for any third-party.

With the use of blockchain technology in DEXACOIN platform, there will be high acceleration of simplify the global payment techniques by cutting out the conventional middlemen and likewise there will be reduction in cost of transaction across the globe.
The Major Features of DEXACOIN includes; SENDING and RECEIVING money across the globe, making instant PAYMENTS, instant messaging feature, high SECURITY, PRIVACY and linking of DEXACOIN APP to customer’s personal banks.

With the features of DEXACOIN and with the great TEAM handling this project, I believed DEXACOIN project will revolutionize the global payment and the financial industries through the use of blockchain technology.

Token Name: DEXACOIN
Token Symbol: DEXA
Token Type: ERC20
Token Supply: 100 Billions
Token Price: $0.00003 - $0.00005

35% Allocated to Public Sale
16% Allocated to Token Reserve
15% Allocated to Founders
10% Allocated to Presale
8% Allocated to Partnership
7% Allocated to Bonus & Airdrop
5% Allocated to Private Sale
4% Allocated to Team and Advisors

35% Allocated to Product Development
25% Allocated to Operations
15% Allocated for Reserve
10% Allocated for Marketing
10% Allocated for R & D
5% Allocated to Legal Expenses


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