The latest technology known as BLOCKCHAIN is already part of humans life and likewise we have seen different companies and industries implementing this great technology in their businesses because it offers great solutions to industries and companies. BLOCKCHAIN technology has been used in series and differents sectors of life and today we will be considering its use in GAMING industries generally.

The elites in the world have observed the growth and development in the sectors where BLOCKCHAIN technology have been applied and thats why the world believed its high time to adopt this technology in gaming industries. Before now we have seen different gaming and gambling industries which users and players have been using before for most of their games but these users have been complaining about some problems facing these industries. The existing gaming industries are centralized in nature in which this centralization has affected the industries in several ways. Today we will be discussing the decentralization of the gambling platform and gaming industries at large.

Centralized gaming platform are been controlled by some set of people or designated authorities in which decision are been made by this designated authorities alone.
Decentralization will ensure there is equal treatment and users will have full control and access over their data, and details in the platform. Decentralization will uplift all forms restrictions on games and some other disadvantages in the games. For a successful decentralization, there is always need for BLOCKCHAIN technology which is why its adoption is growing every day.

Several income programs have been launched by DABANKING platform which includes REFERRAL INCOME, WINNING INCOME and DIVIDEND INCOME. The referral income will see players earn from referring players into the platform while the winning income gives players opportunity to win in different treasures such as DIAMOND, RUBY, GOLD and SILVER CHEST whenever a ticket is been purchased. FOMOJACKPOT and FOMOGAME are main and important lottery game in the DABANKING platform.

The previous gambling platforms are centralized and traditional in nature and thats why a new GAMING project called DABANKING has been launched in order to solve the centralize nature of the gaming industries.
DABANKING has thee name implies is a gaming project launched on block chain net work designed to solve all the problems facing the traditional gaming platform. DABANKING will be one of the best games in the gaming world and because of this its difficult to see people and players leaving this game. DABANKING is also one of the profitable games in the world of gaming meant for all and sundry.

Today DABANKING project has promised to bring more advanced features into the gaming industries through the introduction of block chain tech. DABANKING platform is the most secured and transparent platform for players around the globe. DABANKING DAPPS will bring 100% transparency into the platform.

DABANKING has implement some gaming features such as playing games with ETH or DABANKING token, players can also earn dividends in the platform and for every games played in the platform, players earns DABANKING token irrespective of the outcome of the game. DABANKING also plans to implement reward program for all the holders of its token in the platform in which this is why I believed DABANKING platform will be the best in the gaming industries.

DABANKING has also launched token burn program which means DABANKING token will be burned every 2 weeks so as to increase the value of DAA token in the platform
The use of block chain technology which is the fastest technology will make the game in DABANKING the fastest players can ever think of. This method will eradicate the use of third-party which always prolonged customers pay-out before.

With the block chain technology in DABANKING platform, there will be quick payout for all its players. DABANKING has also secured its platform with the latest security technology which means users funds and assets in the platform will always be safe. The use of smart of smart contract on block chain network will make DABANKING platform to be the most transparent platform because every transactions and data will be available on the block chain network.

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