Over the previous couple of years, crypto-currency has grown, each in value and reputation. In fact, many industry leaders consider crypto-currency has the strength to transform finance and advertising and marketing forever. However as digital currency, like BITCOIN, turns into more common-place, crypto-currency may additionally show some problems for marketers and publishers
For the readers available who want a guideline on what crypto-currency is all about, CRYPTO-CURRENCY is a form of blockchain generation, or peer-to-peer community, through which digital money is sent and commonly used.
What makes virtual money exclusive from the conventional economic system we use these days? The transactions are created, verified, secured, and enforced on a decentralized ledger. This indicates virtual currency can be des-patched and received anonymously and securely with-out financial institution middlemen and fees. The nameless nature of crypto-currency is what may form the future of advertising and marketing and the way social media can have an impact on its increase.
Social media affects our lives daily. Some people even agree with that if some-thing isnt trending on social media, then it actually isnt going on. That is why social media plays an important big role in the fulfillment and value of crypto-currency.

Human beings interested in and holding BITCOIN, that's presently the most popular and valuable crypto-currency, can get just about any data on it through social channels.

Due to the decentralized peer-to-peer network the blockchain and crypto-currency hold, marketers and publishers will find it extra difficult to promote and publish crypto-projects
At times the amount charged for running ads on a platform is always too high for projects to afford and because of this we have seen so many projects which havent been able to meet up with the required funding for their projects. This is why CRYPTOMARKETADS has come to the rescue of all projects and publishers through the launch of its new platform which is a marketplace for ads and projects promotions.

Finding influencers is another problem affecting the projects. With the CRYPTOMARKETADS project finding the right influencers wont be difficult for projects again and this will aids their promotions in crypto-currency worlds.

Scam and lack of protection has been another problems of ads marketing in which lots of funds have been lost to scammers and recently without any traces. But with the launch of CRYPTOMARKETSADS project which is an advertizing platforms for project all issues of scams would be laid to rest.

CRYPTOMARKETADS is an advertizing and marketing platform that lets in businesses to promote their crypto- based totally projects and collects the services of enterprise experts to make their tasks a success. It brings collectively crypto publishers, bounty hunters, influencers and lovers beneath a single platform to provide crypto services to project owners in risk-free surroundings.
Other features of CRYPTOMARKETADS project includes; Rendering Advisory Services, Blockchain Services, Email Newsletters, Marketing Services, Website and ICO listings and Social Channels.
In essence, CMA is a marketplace wherein provider companies and enterprise specialists can offer their services and knowledge to crypto projects and ICOs looking to end up successful. It is going to be supported by using a blockchain tech. The market makes use of CMA tokens as the primary form of value and asset transfer. These CMA tokens are to be made available at all predominant crypto-currency exchanges round the sector.

Total Supply => 10,000,000,000
Token Symbol => CMA

50% Allocated to Crowd Sale
20% Allocated to Exchanges and reserve
10% Allocated to Team Members
10% Allocated to Founders
10% Allocated to Marketing Bounty and Sales


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