The recent attacks on crypto-currency exchanges and wallets have raised questions over the need for securing blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain technology is too early to be having issue of hacks and attacks simply because as good as this technology, it is still battling with worldwide adoption. If blockchain global adoption will happen sooner than expected, then every issue related to security threat needs to be address as early as possible which is why BLOCKSAFE TECHNOLOGIES has been introduced to battle the problem facing Blockchain Ecosystem.

The main objective of BLOCKSAFE project is to tackles the exchanges security issue, wallet security issues and likewise private blockchain. Blockchain which is looked upon as one of the most disruptive technology across industries absolutely has the potential to lessen charges, improve security, transparency and efficiency among others which is why it need to checked and ensure this technology is really serving its purpose rather than the opposite.

Blockchain is a sequence of digital blocks that incorporate records of transactions because they are contained in a central place and because of this, transactions within blockchain network can neither be changed nor altered. It has been very easy for hackers to hack into the conventional networks and discover all the facts in a single repository and ex-filtrate it or corrupt but blockchain technology has been making it difficult for the data and information to be tampered with by the hackers because it is decentralized and distributed ledgers through peer-to-peer networks which might be constantly kept in sync.

High level of transparency, trust and security has been making blockchain technology appealing to businesses across the globe which is why BLOCKSAFE TECHNOLOGIES will work to solve the problems associated with this technology.
Lots of data and funds are been stolen by hackers every day through the use of keyloggers and clipboard capture to change users destination addresses. BLOCKSAFE has introduced KEYSTROKE ENCYPTION to stop and prevent malware installed on user’s devices by the hackers. With the help of BLOCKSAFE KEYSTROKE ENCRYPTION, user’s data and information will always be kept safe and secured.

CLIPBOARD COPY PROTECTION is another great feature introduced by BLOCKSAFE project. Recently, some users were totally surprised when the send token to their addresses and discovered their addresses was changed during the transaction which happened as a result of malware installed on user’s devices by the attackers. BLOCKSAFE TECHNOLOGIES feature will ensure the user’s addresses are not been tampered with during the transactions.

Another feature of BLOCKSAFE TECHNOLOGIES I will like to discuss is “ANTI-SCREEN CAPTURE”. Hackers have developed the means of capturing user’s data during transactions such as password and some other important information. BLOCKSAFE ANTI-SCREEN CAPTURE will help securing users data during transaction and this feature will be the first I have ever seen ever since my time in blockchain space.
Some other important features introduced by BLOCKSAFE TECHNOLOGIES includes: ANTI-CLICKJACKING, SECURE KEYBOARD, SECURE BROWSER, PASSWORD/DATA VAULT, STRONG PASSWORD GENERATOR. With the introduction of these features, all problems associated with security and hacks will be rectified in blockchain ecosystem.

Apart from user’s wallet which is been hacked, crypto currency exchanges have also been the subject of attacks lately as we have seen millions of dollars been lost to the hackers. Because of these attacks on crypto-currency exchanges, BLOCKSAFE TECHNOLOGIES has introduced “exchange defenders” which main objective is to protect the internal system of the crypto-currency exchange and also secure user’s device from keyloggers malware
Blockchain Defenders is another unique features introduced by BLOCKSAFE TECHNOLOGIES which purpose is to verify every blockchain transaction and serve some other important purposes.

Token Symbol => BSAFE
Token Type => ERC-20
Token Supply => 120,000,000
Hard-cap => $16.2 Millions
Token Price => $0.50

37% Allocated to Pre-STO
27% Allocated to STO
1% Allocated to Seed Round
20% Allocated to Team & Advisors
15% Allocated for Reserve

37% Allocated to R & D
17% Allocated to Company Expansion
15% Allocated to Expansion
15% Allocated to Operations
8% Allocated to Insurance


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