Hi everyone and most especially members of BCNEX exchange platform. I want to use this medium to say congratulations in advanced to all traders and members of BCNEX because the long awaited MEGA HUGE EVENT is almost ready and will start in the next 2 days.

Few days ago, there was an announcement about the closure of the EARN REWARD program which has seen members of the community earned reasonable amount of BCNX token and the most interesting part is introduction of BCNX/XRP swapping program in which interested members are given options to swap their BCNX/XRP token before the full launch of the exchange.

The EARN program which was just concluded has been a successful one which has recorded huge number of participants and the exchange platform has experienced an influx of new members from all over the world. Because of the success recorded with the EARN program, and also in order to compensate the community members and the investors for their support for BCNEX exchange project, BCNEX team has decided to organize another SUPER AIRDROP which is expected to start on 16th JUNE, 2019.

The summary of the events will be discussed below and this will help all members of BCNEX exchange platform to be fully prepared for the event.

BCNEX SUPER AIRDROP event is designed to reward members with $2,000,000 worth of XRP token. Isn’t this great from BCNEX? Members of BCNEX platform have the opportunity to earn XRP token worth of $25/$50 depending on your entry level in the upcoming event program. The legality, trust, transparency, quality and potential of BCNEX has been proven here by the TEAM because most of the other platforms that introduced airdrop/giveaways always give worthless token as the rewards for the airdrop program. But BCNEX is ready to reward its members and investors with the XRP token which is one of the most used and recognized crypto-currency coins in the history of crypto-currency.

BCNEX has also taken another step forward to reward the first 1000 members that completed the AIRDROP TASKS with $50 worth of XRP token which means rewards will be based on your level and time of entry. Interested members are advice to enter the program at the early stage so they can be among the members that will earn $50 worth of XRP.

Participants of SUPER AIRDROP event can also earn through the referral program in which $2 worth of XRP has been allocated for each successful referral that completed the SUPER AIRDROP tasks.

All XRP coin earned from the events program will be available for withdrawal after token sales by JULY. Also the full launching of the platform will be by JULY in which at that time members can either withdraw their earned token or trade it for another token in the platform.

Members of BCNEX exchange platform who haven’t completed their KYC are advice to do so in order not to encounter any difficulties while performing the SUPER AIRDROP tasks. Over the last few days there has been an influx of new registered members which has caused a little delay in the KYC confirmation but all members are assured that their KYC will be confirmed sooner than expected.

Other ongoing event in the platform include: the TRADING COMPETITION which has entered round 6 of the total 8 rounds. The ongoing round 6 of the events has been allocated the sum of 3ETH+5000BCNX to be enjoyed by the traders in the platform.

There is also ongoing token sales event in which members can easily buy their BCNX token at a cheaper rate before the full launch of BCNEX exchange platform.

With all the past and ongoing events and with the efforts of the team and the support of the crypto-currency community BCNEX will definitely be a successful project in the history of BLOCKCHAIN and crypto-currency projects

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