Good day, dear subscribers! Today, the global financial system, as never before, is exposed to external influences that negatively affect its growth. Not all participants in this market manage to influence something. The BLOCKCHAIN technology has enormous potential for optimizing the standardization of financial institutions around the globe. Many companies and corporations, some authorities have long begun to introduce block chain technology into many business processes. In January 2018, we all saw a record increase in prices for crypto currency, many were encouraged to set new goals, but there are those who were concerned about these events. Large investors are waiting for power to come to the market in the form of centralization and oversight bodies.

There are many advantages of which users of BCNEX crypto currency exchange will enjoy, But I will cite only some of them which includes: FULL TRANSPARENCY but at the same time confidentiality, HIGH TRANSACTION SPEEDS, LOW TRADING FEES OR CHARGES, LACK OF TERRETORIAL OR POLITICAL BARRIER, NO RESTRICTIONS ON THE AMOUNT OF TRANSFER, and ALSO THE ABSENCE OF INTERMEDIARIES IN THE FORM OF BANK OR PS

When people begin to use crypto-currency to the full, they will see how much more convenient it is and how much more it brings benefits to the entire financial and economic model of the world. People will be confident in the safety of their funds; in addition, they will not be exposed to inflation or other negative factors. We are accustomed to seeing the assets with our own eyes, to touch the hands with their hands, to feel physically. Bankers understood it in time and therefore we are now on their hook. But for the development of the digital industry it is necessary to open new banks, but only DIGITAL CURRENCY ones.

The BCNEX project plans to help current financial organizations introduce crypto currency at the local level in order to speed up the transition to a new monetary-credit system.
BCNEX trading and exchange platform will help banks provide a wide range of financial services based on crypto-currencies and help them move to a new level of development, becoming one of the main payments, exchange and trading systems for many people.

BCNEX exchange has been receiving support from various sectors and department of the economy because of the qualities and the potential it has and this is really helping the project in gathering funds from different investors who would like to be part of BCNEX community.

Users and partners of the BCNEX exchange will be able to receive and use the following types of exchange services: Own individual electronic wallet standard and likewise stored their assets on the system. Traders will be able to simple exchange between the most popular crypto currencies in the platform

In order to compensate the community members, supporters and traders of BCNEX, BCNEX team have decided to introduce a trading reward in the system in which this will help the traders to earn more from their trading activities.

The competent team found a balanced combination of digital technologies and conventional financial system, in turn, this will give a powerful impetus to people to go bustling faster and understand this new area for them. Simply put, everything will be as before, but only with the best benefits and without intermediaries, and with the protection of personal data from third parties.


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