Blockchain era, a decentralized virtual ledger, permits statistics to be shared, up to date and encrypted concurrently to all customers (public or personal) in actual time, which creates transparency, reliability and safety. After gaining popularity as the innovation behind bitcoin and ethereum, blockchain technology has tremendous ability to change the whole stock market. The use of blockchain technology eliminates the urgent need and requirements for intermediaries or an escrow agents while processing transactions. Startups and financial establishments around the world are taking benefit of blockchain era, as they race to patent different systems and expand its use from healthcare to the inventory marketplace

Possibly the most useful way blockchain technology can be used in stock trading is through speeding up the settlement of trades. Stock market traders, agents, and regulators are required to go through a cumbersome, and luxurious, technique which generally takes several days or more to complete transactions mainly because of the position of intermediaries, operational exchange clearance, and regulatory methods. Blockchain generation should make stock exchanges lots more better through automation and decentralization. This is why I have come to introduce to all traders and investor the new platform called A2TRADE

A2TRADE is a Hybrid broker/trade that seamlessly integrates all Fiat and Crypto payments throughout the platform. A2TRADE is able to make use of the today's buying and selling platforms, gear, and apps to create a simple platform for all of our trading and making an investment desires. A2TRADE platform will help trading and change of all broker and alternate assets, consisting of Crypto-currencies, shares, Bonds, Indices, and CFDs (forex, Crypto, and Commodities).
A2TRADE platform will guide physical property (Gold and Diamonds).

A2TRADE platform create a unified platform with shared E-wallets, eliminating the want for clients to apply multiple PSPs and standalone trade structures.


Other features of A2TRADE platform that makes it better than other brokers and exchanges are: Smart contract platform which is lacking in other brokers platform, availability of crypto-exchanger, ICO platform, Voting system rewards, Trading robots and AI, Physical Gold and Diamonds, Stocks and Bonds, Crypto CFDs, Prepaid Cards, Leveraging and Tight Spread, Good customer support

A2TRADE platform aims to create and developed a worldwide buying and selling trading and exchange environment with a good transparency and trust level. It also aims to create the most performance utilizing and high quality legacy buying and selling structures streamlined with blockchain technology. A2TRADE project aims to develop a simple ecosystem that operates seamlessly and efficiently in every aspect, such as client’s on-boarding, trading, withdrawals and deposit.

A2TRADE project has developed E-wallets thats supports different crypto wallet for deposit, withdrawals and storage. The wallets were decided on each-day trading volume to offer traders with the great liquidity

A2TRADE platform will offer the following crypto on the exchange => BTC, ETH, BCH, ADA, BNB, B2BX, DOGE, EOS, LTC, NEO, NEM, OMG, XMR and USDT. A2TRADE will allow trading of crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat and also fiat-crypto in its trading platform.

A2TRADE platform broking platform will add more than a thousand exchange-able assets to the atmosphere.

A2TRADE platform offers the todays trading package, Ctrader and meta-trader 5 which can be easily accessible on users mobile and desktop devices.


Token Symbol => ATT
Token Supply => 200,000,000 ATT
Token Type => ERC20
Token Price => $0.32
Token Sale => 130,000,000 ATT
Soft-Cap => $2,118,880
Hard-Cap => $26,630,000

65% Allocated to Token Sale
15% Allocated to Liquidity
10% Allocated to team
5% Allocated tom Advisors
5% Allocated to team

58% Allocated to Development
10% Allocated to Operations
9% Allocated to Marketing
8.8% Allocated to Liquidity
8.5% Allocated to Exchange
5.7% Allocated to Legal & Compliance


To know more about A2TRADE check the links below

Website => https://a2trade.io/

Website => https://a2tradefx.com/

Whitepaper => https://a2trade.io/en/documents

Telegram => https://t.me/A2TRADEIO

Bitcointalk Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile&u=2462607

Medium => https://medium.com/@promo_2236

Twitter => https://twitter.com/a2_trade

Reddit => https://www.reddit.com/user/A2TRADE

Bitcointalk User Profile => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2550421

Bitcointalk Username => Samunto

Author => Lekato

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