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TV Two
CTV Two (also known as "CTV 2") is a Canadian English language television system that is owned by the Bell Media subsidiary of Bell Canada. The system consists of four over-the-air owned-and-operated television stations (O&Os) in Ontario and three in British Columbia, and two regional cable-only channels, one in Atlantic Canada and the other being the provincial cable-only educational channel in Alberta.

TV-TWO is an application for Connected TVs that offers regular consumers of broadcast television an easy way to transition into a world with a personalized video stream. A major part of the solution is the fact that the traditional broadcast signal is watched through the app.

Value Proposition
TV-TWO will bring the digital age to millions of living rooms around the world. We offer the community:
An application for Connected TVs that blends broadcast television with a personalized and ad-supported video stream offering premium content on the Big Screen. While watching linear television through TV-TWO, the video stream can be accessed anytime by pressing Enter on the remote control. The application establishes a new standard for TV advertising.
The Token for Television (TTV), a token that administers the exchanged value between consumers, content providers and advertisers. Advertisers give tokens to users for watching sponsored videos and sharing anonymous user data.


  • Get to use a platform that blends linear TV with a personalized video stream curated by a supervised learning algorithm, enabling more organic content variety and relevance without having to pay a monthly subscription fee
  • Experience the freedom to skip videos and ads as well as the chance to select ad frequency
  • Receive rewards for watching relevant sponsored messages as well as sharing anonymous data with advertisers through the TTV.

Content Providers

  • Receive the chance to generate reach on television sets without having to sign a contract with a TV network, giving small creators that focus on quality videos an equal share of voice as determined by watch statistics instead of clicks
  • Get full transparency on watch statistics for their videos without having to trust a single centralized platform
  • Can refinance their content more easily by profiting from high media spends that go towards TV


  • Receive targeting and attribution features as well as the automated media booking on TV that they know from digital advertising
  • Get per user reporting on ad engagement and organic video context without falling victim to fraud or non-transparent KPI reporting
  • Can address users on the basis of their first-party data without having to hand over data to TV-TWO or a third-party

Interaction between Market Participants
TV networks are exploiting their gatekeeper status:

  • Advertisers: TV networks possess direct consumer access, which allows them to set prices and generate high profits
  • Content Providers: The direct consumer access, allows TV networks to discriminate against individual content providers. Networks produce most of the content in-house, which further hurts independent creators
  • Users: TV networks select the content that makes it on air. User have no choice but to watch the delivered content. Neither organic nor sponsored clips are personalized

    • Current TV Ecosystem
    The Token for Television
    Token Network Effect
    Transactions between advertisers and users as well as between users and content providers are always tied to the Token for Television. Other cryptocurrencies and fiat can not be used to exchange value between market participants. Advertisers have to acquire TTV during the crowdsale or on exchanges in order to sponsor messages.

    The Bootstrapping Challenge

    Token Economy
    Table 1 details the four roles and purposes as well as all features of the Token for Television:

    Token Distribution

    The Token for Television (TTV) will be distributed as follows:

    • Available for Purchase: 500,000,000 Tokens for Television will be available for purchase. In relative terms, 75% of all tokens will be sold to the public during the crowdsale
    • Team: 15% of the available tokens will be retained by TV-TWO. The tokens are vested over three years.
    • Supporters and Advisors: 6% of the available tokens will go to supporters and advisors of TV-TWO
    • Campaigns: 4% of the available tokens will be granted to supporters that have participated in the Bounty and Marketing Campaign
    • Market Maker: Any ETH committed beyond 90% of the hard cap will be locked for two years in a smart contract. The smart contract stabilizes the price of the TTV by automatically purchasing back tokens, should the market price drop below the issue price
    • Unsold tokens will be burned
    • More tokens will not be created in the future

    Allocation of Funds
    The funds collected in the crowdsale will be used as follows:

    • Engineering and Development: 60% of the funds will be used to sustain and grow the Engineering team in order to accelerate development of the TV-TWO application and its interaction with the decentralized TTV ecosystem
      • Marketing: 14% of the funds will be used to grow the user base of TV-TWO with both promotional efforts and TTV incentives
      • Partner Engagement: 6% of the funds will be used to acquire content and advertising partners that commit to jointly growing the TTV ecosystem
      • Legal and Administration: 10% of the funds will be used to cover legal and administrative costs associated with running TV-TWO
      • Contingency: 10% of the funds will be set aside for unforeseen developments


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