Imaginative Technology, straightforward and anchored exchanges make KitToken the best installment eco-framework. KitToken likewise gives a setting to valuation for esteem by holders through ecumenical open exchange and interest for token utilization. KitToken sidestep a great deal of middle people in outside store exchange and cross-outskirt installment specialists which restrict the ingression of ecumenical blockchain through KitToken decentralized ecumenical installment stage. Our KitToken eco-framework is plenarily special which enables individuals to make cross-outskirt installments rapidly and safely.
Straightforwardness and adscititiously security is the thing that we give. The KitPay stage is thoroughly straightforward which records installments and exchanges stage. We supplementally have SHA-256 and eccentric state robustness code being sent which can ensure expeditious and in additament secure installments. The birth and outset phase of KitToken is being kept up and upheld by forefront blockchain innovation and led by visionary experts.

Our goal:
To make a worldwide network of KitToken clients who execute KIT as method of installments using KitPay

At this time we are in the era of digital economy, where consumers can buy more goods and services with whatever crypto currency they have today. And they can use it from a number of their favorite traders. This is a platform where multiple interests from various developers and researchers can gather, and then launch their innovative ideas to create and distribute them as applications in the digital world, relying heavily on trouble-free transactions in any currency.

In the end, KitToken will become an ecosystem designed to cover every existing chain, so that it can be accepted and integrated into one unit with crypto currency.


1st- 10th August 2018 (ICO phase 1)
Bonus KitToken: 30%
11th – 20th August 2018 (ICO phase 2)
Bonus KitToken: 20%
Soft Cap: $5 Million USD
Hard Cap: $175 Million USD
Minimum Contribution: 0.2 ETH or $100
*Refer people to buy KitTokens and receive 5% referral bonus

Pre-operation and Operating expenses= $2.5 million USD
Travel Agency= $4.25 million USD
100 Laundromats= $5 million USD
Petroleum bunkering= $10 million USD
Neuroscience center= $127.5 million USD
Kitpay merchant integration= $25.5 million USD
Higher education programme= $75 million USD
Mobile outlets= $5 million USD

Due to the nature of KitPay business, it has a long span roadmap ranges of the concept design, through the launching of KitToken ICO event, down to listing in more exchanges and launching of more mega projects in the future.

For more information on this project, visit the following links:
White Paper:
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KitToken Telegram group:

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