DSPlus - decentralized cashback platform

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DSPlus is a decentralized cashback platform on the blockchain Ethereum.

The cashback system is not a novelty in marketing, but the company has modified and converted it into a crypto currency. Block account is used to conduct transactions, store funds in users’ wallets and ensure the security of payment for purchases. PlusCoin cryptocurrency is integrated in the application.

The main advantages of DSPlus:

  1. The application works on blockchain technology;
  2. The own cryptocurrency PlusCoin has been integrated;
  3. 100% return of the received compensation for the purchase of goods from partner companies, without withholding our commissions, etc .;
  4. Instant transactions - waiting for confirmation can reach a maximum of 1 minute;
  5. In the application there are different products: bonus system PlusCoin for various activities, cashback service, monthly drawings, online store with payment reception Cryptocurrency PlusCoin and much more;
  6. A whole infrastructure of using this cryptocurrency is created - P2P, Marketplace, Cryptoscoring, etc .;
  7. There are partners who are ready to accept PLC in payment for goods and services;
  8. Continuous introduction of innovations and improvements in the application.

There are several directions in the mobile application:

  1. Providing discounts + cashback;
  2. Cashback in points of sale;
  3. Cashback when working with online stores;
  4. Bonus encouragement by the partner companies of users for visiting their outlets;
  5. Receiving a reward for visiting attractions.

Work with cashback-service goes on 100% return to the user of remuneration for the purchase of goods from partner companies, the return of funds occurs instantly.

At the moment, Pluscoin in the app can buy tickets for taking part in the monthly drawing of valuable prizes. Also in the future will operate on the following sites:

  • A P2P site is created for the exchange of goods / services on the PlusCoin user-user, which, in contrast to traditional P2P sites, will implement the functionality of conducting transactions within the service.
  • Online store, aggregator Marketplace -  the partner in his personal cabinet places the goods that the user of the application can purchase for PlusCoin.
    For tokenholders, the Marketplace is running in test mode. Every last Friday of the month “Black Friday” starts where you can buy goods.
  • Cryptoscoring tool - based on the activity of an individual user in relation to receiving, spending and transactions in PlusCoin, the DSPlus platform can form a user’s rating relative to other users by assigning an analytical rating.

In addition, 30% of the already existing total number of partner companies are ready to accept payment in the cryptocurrency (both in the marketplace and in outlets).

The main objectives of the project are to popularize the blockades of technology and introduce crypto currency into the everyday life of every person.

PlusCoin Tokens can be purchased by participating in the ico project -  https://ico.pluscoin.io/users/sign_up?promo=d8RsVr3YwC

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