Bounty from Open Money


You can get 25 tokens for registration and more than 2500 tokens for completing tasks (subscriptions, likes, reposts, comments, in such social networks as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Slack, etc.) + for every registered user on your link you Also get another 100 tokens.

Link for registration in the bounty:

Conditions: To register, enter your name, enter your e-mail address, enter your ETH purse address and confirm your e-mail address.
What is Open Money
Open Money is an open API platform designed to help software developers implement digital currency technologies into their programs, thereby stimulating the widespread use of crypto currency by consumers.
Blockchain and crypto currency technologies are growing at an incredibly fast pace and are gaining recognition, increasing their growth. With this understanding, we are working to create the infrastructure in order to be in the right place at the right time. We firmly believe that the OPEN Money platform will become the leading global infrastructure solution for software developers allowing to integrate blocking technology into regular programs.
The released Open Money token will use an intellectual contract for the blocker, equipped with measures to prevent fraud and improve monetization opportunities.

Transactions using the OPEN-token will charge a processing fee of 0.5-0.75%
Current application distribution platforms charge 30% of all transactions. This gives developers 70% of revenue

The OPEN platform is free for developers.

Total released 360 million tokens.
On the token will be exposed 50% - 180 million tokens.
15% - will be reserved for the OPEN team.
3% will be allocated for the bonus program token.

OPEN Token will be put up for auction on the most popular crypto-exchange markets.

How to participate in the distribution of OPEN Money tokens
This bounty is very different from other campaigns, because it looks like a game!
Such bounty was not yet!
Here, one does not need to think. You just need to press the buttons, earning bets. At the end when the campaign ends, 900,000 OPEN tokens will be distributed among the participants by the number of bids they have earned.
To participate in the distribution of bounty go to Above you can see the countdown when this distribution ends. Click Sign up.
Having registered and going to the page, you will see the indicator with a funny turtle on the top of the page, which shows how much you still have until the next promotion. The bonuses that you get at each stage are 500, 1000, 5000 bets.

  1. When you reach 500 bets, get 500 points at the end of the campaign.
  2. When you reach 1000 bets, get 1000 extra bets at the end of the campaign.
  3. When you reach 5000 bets, get 5,000 extra bets at the end of the campaign.
    Throughout this campaign, promising prizes will be distributed bi-weekly for people with the most bets at each stage.
    You just need to press the buttons and post in your social network the proposed text. Then go back and press the confirm button. Sometimes you will need to insert your login to the given social network.
    • Subscription to official Facebook, Twitter, Slack or Telegram +25 bets
    • For everyone who will go to your referral link +100 bets

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