Windhan crowdfunding platform and green energy trade


We will start by developing new services that will optimize financing and tokenized energy trading in the future. First, we will establish a 108 MW Superior Windhan project in Kazakhstan. The plan is to provide projects that are supported by community assets combined with renewable energy platforms on the blockchain and allow them to finance and trade energy tokenized. To truly finance and trade energy tokens, we need to get the Windhan (WHN) token. WHN will be issued on sale


Windhan is a project that connects the following fields:

Green Energy Producers, Investors, Consumers and the Blockchain ecosystem; Growth and development in each of these fields is very important. By joining together in a disruptive new energy financing model

and trading, everyone has the power to make our planet a better place to live.

Supporting Windhan means supporting sustainability because it brings together energy producers,

investors, and consumers with common interests – to save money and create a decentralized, smart and clean future.

Our main goals and long-term goals are financing energy, trade, and energy tokenisation projects, Windhan’s renewable energy projects and platforms starting to address the issue of how the energy sector and blockchain technology are suitable.


Strong power plants give us this electricity, which, unfortunately, does not always benefit from their actions. However, many of these power plants are very dangerous and dangerous for our health and the ecological state of our land. And of course I’m talking about the types of stations that use nuclear power, and the sources of non-renewable raw materials to produce strong electricity. Unfortunately, the consequences of such station work are very large and there is something that needs to be solved.

At the same time, a large number of people around the world are working to solve existing problems. They offer the use of alternative, green and renewable energy sources, which come from natural resources such as sun, water and wind. These three components are superior types of environmentally friendly energy sources, the processing of which does not endanger others and specifically does not carry any threat to the environment.

But despite the fact that this alternative is clear, many countries do not want to finance the development of new “green” energy sources that are environmentally friendly. Therefore, this progress is more on the shoulders of energy enthusiasts, who have a primary mission to implement this qualitative transition to renewable energy sources.
What is Windy Token?

◗ Windhan Token (WHN) is a revolutionary token. It developed together with Windhan

business because it saves a real final value ensuring liquidity. Tokens accumulate the true value of

energy. Windhan will begin building the first flagship project – a 108 MW wind park in Kazakhstan

2019 and our tokens will collect and store energy immediately. You can use this energy for

your personal needs or sell it to others. This way even contributors from places

Windhan does not operate can participate in the platform. Together with the storage produced

energy, Windhan tokens will also provide the right to invest in new renewable energy projects

and in return receive energy at the most favorable price. This will then increase

token requests from large energy buyers. Windhan Tokens are new players in the world

energy market.
About Project projects that our ideas will consider, to find solutions to problems – this problem is explained above. At the same time, it is possible to also use modern technology with the help of which brilliant ideas can be realized. And this project is called Windhan.

Windhan is a 108MW green energy flagship project in Kazakhstan, which consists of Green energy Crowdfunding and a trading platform that uses blockchain technology to create the next generation of more meritocratic renewable energy assets. This connects the energy of buyers (households and investors or market makers) directly with green energy producers and creates opportunities to buy energy faces below market prices. It is a platform for combining energy developers, investors and consumers through global and decentralized networks using the ERC20 Tokens and Smart contracts that enable energy assets to be funded and launched more safely and transparently. Windhan allows renewable energy projects that are feasible to be listed on the platform while complying with restrictions imposed by applicable law. The platform is equipped with all tools to help developers collect money by asking for a small investment from a large number of people. Acting as a mediator where investors, as well as customers, are connected with the developer. This inclusive approach will reduce the need for large financial institutions, thereby accelerating the funding process. After the platform is funded, the token supported by the asset will be printed representing the contribution of each investor. Revenues generated from “Projects” are distributed to investors in the form of energy credits (called project Tokens). Investors will be able to use the Windhan application to pay their electricity bills with WHN tokens – regardless of their utility company or location. Windhan uses energy tokenisation to standardize, simplify and open globally energy ecosystem that exists today. Tokenisasi energy ensures liquidity and broadens access to capital. In addition, it provides access to life



Windhan Incorporated
Windhan Incorporated with a vision to provide cheap and renewable energy using wind farms

Land Purchases
Land Purchases in Kazakhstan for Wind Turbine Park.

Approval for Wind Turbines
108MW Wind Turbine Park Approval from the Government of Kazakhstan

All permissions
All permits and licenses are obtained (buildings, construction, road works and on-site network approvals) Due Diligence from the Project.

Power Purchase Agreement
Government Supported Power Purchase Agreement for 15 years.

Launched the Crowd Funding Platform
The idea was born because it launched the Crowd funding platform for Renewable Energy Projects.

Formation and Management
The establishment of the company and the Management team was established.

ICO solutions
After the ICO is complete, we will install wind turbines in the next 18 months

Green Energy Platform
For 18 months we will also develop a Green Energy platform; Alpha version in 3 months.

Windhan Park
Taman Windhan will operate







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