What is IDEAL COIN ?

The ideal coin is the one and only money acceded in PAY MHO for buying massive POC algorithms that move home tokens into the perfect content ever. Ideal coin - the maximum valued commodity that all will want.

The ideal coin is completely supported by valuable advertising info collected via the PAY MHO network
What is PayMHO?

It is a tool which any one, any place in the universe, can contribute lively in the generation of content and earning regular financial advantages as an outcome.
A smooth job that all the people can do simply, from any mobile phone, tablet or Computer – laptop, without any kind of training and expertise skill, after a bit more than a short detail, each one can become a fully expert influencer and starting collecting funds daily, creating their own data (Content, information) interact with that of other generating worth that firms around the globe will be interested in buying.

Through this tool (APP), this network will collect all aspect of the life of its influencers in a smooth, fun, relaxed and orderly manner, generating a profile as extensive ranging as it is possible to expect while developing virtual bits. The entire this data will remain the property of the developer. It will be rightly stored safely, individually as well as in absolute confidently. In an easily accessible and decentralized place.

By becoming a developer on this amazing and intellectual platform and actively contributing in it, you’ll be capable to produce profits while the time you sleep. And you do not need to do any kind of hard work or expert knowledge, other than that of your own smooth regular life.

The product that will offer to PAY MHO Social Network clients
For those who want to consult or use the Pay, MHO network services have to pay influencers to get proper access to their accounts. Having paid, then clients will be secured and free to extract the desired details, obtaining more and more details than they’d have expected for huge thanks to the wide degree of market profiling. There’s no any sort of risk or threat to influencers of invasion of privacy.

The reports from experts generated by PAY MHO system will supersede every existing market research in terms of time, cost as well as efficiency, offering the client with the right content and info about their market:

Who it’s formed by, where they actually live, how to be in touch with them and what they are willing to do. Clients will discover a number of amazing coincidence, styles, trends, tastes, opportunities and preferences that not at all looked accessible with older systems which only ever gathered a tiny part of consumers’ info.

Just like, clients will be capable advice influence straightly, to get their feedback, comments, suggestions, reviews, and evaluations or even offer those items or services. These will be motivated to identify those consolations by the matter that interested clients will have to pay for them with TALENTS. The ideal COIN is designed just in Pay MHO platform and has to be purchased beforehand by the clients.

Why created PAY MHO Network
Day by day, more and more people are joining the platform or platforms: online technology (internet). Now, it is applied by over 30 percent of the world’s population.

Most of the people use and explore this app during our day to day jobs without exercising any kind of control of safety checks. Over 90 percent of online users have FB (FACEBOOK) accounts for example. Our absence of awareness, our inexperience and naivety – and our demand for top speed provision of internet services – mean that we routinely leave ourselves exposed to ID theft.

This theft can be something as smooth and simple and seemingly innocuous as your browsing and shopping habits. But it can also reach harmful levels, and its advantages just those who steal, use and market details!
The individuals who need to counsel or utilize the Pay MHO administrations must pay influencers to pick up get right of passage to their cash owed. Having paid, clients will be allowed to remove the required information, getting more data than they may have anticipated for route to the intense level of commercial center profiling. There isn't any hazard to influencers of attack of separation.
ICO details

• Marker name of the project: Ideal Coin
• Symbol of the token: IDL
• ICO Sale of the tokens: 1,000,000 US dollars
• Token ICO cost: 0.61 Cent
• Platform: ETH (ERC: 20)
• Hard cap of the platform: 44,403,880 US dollars
• Soft cap of the platform: 3,000,000 USD
• Complete Token Supply: 220,000,000
• Accepted Fiat as well as crypto money: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH
• Minimum purchased limit - $62 USD
• Rate at exchanges December one - $1.15 USD

Token allocation
• Token sale - 65 percent
• Marketing - 8 percent
• CEO - 9 percent
• Advisors - 6 percent
• Founders - 12 percent

About the Product

Those who wish or need to ask or use the services of Pay MHO platform have to pay the leaders to get the accurate entry to their currency. After paying, purchasers will be capable to extract the essential content for free, getting more info than they could expect on the method to a sharp degree of profiling in the marketplace. There is no hazard of interfering with segregation.
Useful links:

• Official Web site: https://idealcoin.io/
• Whitepaper of the Ideal coin: https://idealcoin.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/whitepaper2.pdf
• Telegram Group: https://t.me/IdealCoinGroup
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/ideal_coin

MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2002666

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