The combination of banks and technology blocking due to the Cryptov8 project

About cryptov8
Cryptov8 is new to the whole Blockchain asa technology users. This project will create a lucrative bank will utilize the technology of Blockchain, with Cryptov8 it will be as a bridge between Cryptobanking using traditional banking products and services. With Cryptov8 this will raise the global adoption of use of cryptocurrency &. The establishment of bank technology-blockchain is planned to take place in the United Kingdom.
Excellence Cryptov8
Cryptov8 retail bank will complete, the team will serve the entire retail and SME customers are using the friendly way. The Bank was established in the United Kingdom set up provided create mortgage, loan servicing, saving & Giro. This project has the advantage of superior yg buat yg has projects there, the team realized the project aims to streamline the challenges often encountered the customers by having the bank will expand the scope of the adoption of the cryptocurrency world.
Here is the stuff that Cryptov8 shows I'm quoting based on this page.
Comfort-creating installation, access and use your wallet directly ahead.
Believe-be yg bank authorized and regulated, Cryptov8 will apply the best industry level regulations and principles created to protect all customers and users.
Security-security level in bank provides a wallet or an asset storage, password retrieval, and fraud protection.
The costs of creating and drawing porto cheaper & more certain.
Gifts-the best, All Cryptov8 cryptobank customers will receive a personal award for their loyalty. They will get part of the cost cryptobank Cryptov8 back to all customers.
Welcome-make payment stream is cryptocurrency.
Education-provides easy access to educational materials, knowledge base continues to grow and put an unparalleled support to customer cryptocurrency.
Cryptov8 technology
Currently, the referral program already is widely used in many projects, especially on Exchange cryptocurrency & Blockchain. For that reason, cryptov8 suspect need to create cooperation using a number of organizations looking for the best value and service solutions create the whole customer cryptov8. Therefore open the banking application usage & & boils will build key aspects of holistic solutions built the yg Cryptov8.
The banking sector will collaborate with significant organizations in a mandate to increase the series of encryption and blockchain services, which she offers to her clients. It will also combine all cryptographic-related services on the same platform. Blockchain network will definitely improve customer's experience, as it will act as an intermediary for various financial services, payments, and features. Blockchain network will also improve the way businesses who have collaborated with Cryptov8 interact with their users while providing and overcoming transaction costs.
Decentralized platform Cryptov8 to unite all related to cryptocurrency services on a single platform.
This is a unique opportunity to quickly and safely access the required services using the functionality of this platform. The platform will have a cryptocurrency wallet, where users will be able to track the status of their account, work with assets. Users with a Fiat currency will be able to purchase the required number of tokens, and can also analyze their wealth accumulated through savings or investments in cryptocurrencies.
The banking platform integrates cryptocurrency exchange, which allows users to trade, buy or sell their tokens based on their own decisions or situation in the existing market.
Cryptov8 is a banking platform that seeks to bridge the gap between the crypto bank and traditional banking products and services, using blockchain technology.
Cryptov8 also aims to provide users with a convenient way to use their cryptocurrencies on the cryptographic market. Blockchain technology combined with the digital assets provided by Cryptov8 will help improve the use and use of electronic currency around the world.
Blockchain technology will also improve the customer experience, as it will act as an intermediary for various financial services, payments and functions. In addition, blockchain technology will improve the way companies collaborate with Cryptov8 to deal with their users while at the same time ensuring and reducing transaction costs.
Prepaid fee for electronic money transfer
Easy and fast movement between electronic money - "atomic swap"
Attractive exchange rates for electronic money transactions
Savings account with preferential interest rate
Save money
Access to e-learning materials and discounts on official courses from well-known educational providers and industry experts.
A prospective convertible into a dividend token code, meeting current regulatory requirements and favorable business conditions at that time.
Whats an Unique on Cryptov8
A number of benefits to customers holding the CRV8 token code are outlined below. This is not a complete list but provides the reader with an indication of how the token will be used to encourage and reward customers to enter the market and hold tokens.Reward Points for Electronic Money Account holders, up to a maximum of 25% of the cryptocurrency fee will be used for this.
Prepaid fee for electronic money transfer
Easy and fast transfer between electronic money - "Atomic swap"
Attractive exchange rates for electronic money transactions
Account details Savings at preferential interest rates
Savings fees
Access to electronic money education materials and discounts on official courses from well-known education providers and industry experts
A potential conversion in the future token dividend, meet the current regulatory requirements and favorable business conditions at that time.
The Cryptov8 project extends far beyond any existing ‘CryptoBanking’ services that exist today. Our project aims to streamline challenges that customers often face, which will ultimately create the best possible route for adoption of cryptocurrencies, globally.
Convenience – Making wallet installation, access and usage straight forward.
Trust – As an authorised and regulated bank, we will apply the highest levels of regulatory principles and best industry practice to protect our customers.
Security – Providing bank grade security across wallet/asset storage, password retrieval and fraud protection.
itemCost – Making exchange costs and withdrawals cheaper and more certain.
itemReward – Uniquely, our cryptobanking customers will directly receive rewards for their loyalty. We will give a share of our cryptobanking fees back to our customers.
itemAcceptance – Making cryptocurrency payment mainstream.
itemEducation – Providing easy access to educational material, an evolving knowledge base and providing unrivaled support to cryptocurrency customers.
ICO Overview
Prior to ICO there will be a whitelisting period (started a day ago), followed by a 2-week Pre-ICO period and then a 2-month ICO period. The price per CRV8 token during the Pre-ICO period will be 0.0002089 ETH and subsequently in the ICO period will rise up to 0.0002315–0.0002646 ETH.
There will be a total of 1 Billion tokens, 750 Million of which will be available for public sale. Here's a breakdown of the distribution:
75% CRV8 - Public Sale
10% CRV8 - Liquidity Reserve
10% CRV8 - Launch and Operational Team
3% CRV8 - Bounty Campaigns
2% CRV8 - Advisors Share
You can buy Cryptov8 tokens with your Ethereum or Bitcoin or any other FIAT currency for the time being. Please know that payment methods other than Ethereum are handled manually.
Executive management team
This is no longer a secret that the traditional Banking giants intentionally made Bitcoin look vulnerable by passing on reckless comments in the Crypto circles and media giants. Of course it was expected, but they came at a time when the Crypto community was the least equipped for such rash comments.
It's a no-brainer that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is the tech of the century (so far) and can not be avoided for long even if you are an adversary. You don't have to look too far, take the example of JP Morgan and countless others.
No matter how strongly you advocate for Cryptocurrencies and it's use in general, you still need the banks to enter the market. It may be considered as an undesired route but since cryptocurrencies are not regarded as legal tenders, what options do you have?
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But most of the stuff you can do already anyway, even without this advertised platform. However they seem to tie all the things together into a nice and neat banks do you really need 'another' centralized crypto 'bank'?

good find though @laura18 !!! 👍

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