STELLERO-Take Part in the future of Digital Securities Investment

Stellerro™ is the first alternative investments banking platform of its kind, spearheading an innovative umbrella for the emerging digital securities offerings industry, ensuring companies meet the right underwriting processes and compliance conditions of numerous regulated jurisdictions.

Stellerro™ Fully Regulated Token Offering
Participate now in a fully compliant ESMA regulated STO, with top tier associates.
Why issue an STO?

This is how financial tokenization and digital assets will reshape the future of capital markets.
Foundation Tier - the STO “factory,” assists entrepreneurs, startups and SMB's toexamine, plan and execute a full tokenization&fundraising process from A to Z.

Middle Tier - incorporates funds, holdings, and venture capital holdings, to loop these entities for investment, take part in the existing STOs, and launch their own multi-tier alternative funds using the Stellerro model.

Top Tier- is Stellerro’s Multi-chains & Conglomerate Collaborations. Once the first two tiers have developed strong roots, the biggest financial titans and investment banks will be tackled along with a dedicated private and public capital oerings, utilizing both traditional and alternative fundraising

StellerroTM tokenizes illiquid assets into fractional holdings using Blockchain technology.
StellerroTM secures capital from private investors in accordance with EU, US & Asian regulations.
StellerroTM uses smart contracts to issue innovative asset-backed digital securities.

Why now?
Financial Incumbents: Traditional investment banks & Capital markets are slow, expensive, non-transparent, and full of bureaucracy.
Underwriting Pioneer: StellerroTM is spearheading global opportunities in Underwriting & Financial Distribution for digital securities funds.
Cutting-edge Opportunities: Trillions of USD in illiquid assets, innovative start-ups, Real estate, Private equity & intellectual property.
STRO Token
The STRO token is a transferable digital security that entitles the STO investors with up to 12.5% of revenue & dividend from the Stellerro Group profits. The first payment will be made after 12 months from the end of the token sale, in case profits will be achieved. The tokens consists in a financial instrument in accordance with Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II).
Token Symbol: STRO
Total Supply: 8,000,000 STRO,
Hard Cap: 5M EUR
Soft Cap: 500K EUR
Pice: 1 STRO = 0.86
Public Sale Starts: June 17th.2019
Public Sale Ends: August 17th.2019
1 Round Discount: 15%
Max Retail Ticket: 100K €
Min Retail Ticket: 500 €

Stellerro™ aims to rule the Alternative Investment market by bringing liquidity to the digital era from the bottom all the way to the very top.
AUG 2018- Incorporation of Stellerro™: Professional team formation and rapid R&D have created Stellerro's vision from ideation to reality.

JAN 2019 - Investors onboarding platform launch: Issuance automation, Monitoring, KYC, legal Accreditation and Investors management whitelabel is released.

APR 2019- PR presence, prominence roadshow & new offices: The formal reveal of stellerro's new offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Expansion of the operational team, and distribution network establishment.

JUNE 2019- Stellerro™ own fully regulated STO launch: The official launch of Stellerro's own token offering, allowing investors to participate in a fully compliant ESMA regulated STO, with top tier associates and partners.

AUG 2019- Stellerro™ 1st hub in Switzerland: Official branch in ZUG will manage digitization of Private equity, Securities exchange & Real-estate joint ventures.

DEC 2019- Digital Asset management platform launch: POST-funding alerts mechanism, reporting & decision enhancement AI tools for stellerro's customers, managed assets and investors base.

MARCH 2020- Stellerro™ 2nd hub in the USA: Official branch in NYC will provide Global recognition, over 50M$ projection in capital distribution & traditional capital market tokenization tier.

JUN 2020- Stellerro™ 3rd hub in Asia: Official branch in HK will provide over 100M$ projection in capital distribution, enrichment of stellerro's portfolio with premium Asian companies, asset owners and investors.
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