Renewable Energy Crowdfunding and Trading Platform Windhan Energy (WHN)

Human life cannot be separated from the surrounding environment, both the natural environment and the social environment. Along with the times, the world population also continues to increase every year, so that the increase in energy needs is unavoidable. At present, almost all the energy needs that humans use are obtained from the conversion of fossil energy sources, such as energy for electricity generation, industry and various kinds of transportation equipment.

Fossil fuels themselves are fuels that are formed from natural processes such as anaerobic decomposition of the remains of organisms including phytoplankton and zooplankton that settle to large parts of the sea (or lakes), for millions of years. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable resource because the formation process takes millions of years, while reserves in nature run out much faster than the formation process. Production and use of fossil fuels raises environmental concerns. A global movement towards the generation of renewable energy is therefore done to help meet increasing energy needs.

Windhan is a blockchain-based green energy trading and ERC20 platform that uses blockchain technology to create the next generation of more meritocratic renewable energy assets. This brings together green energy producers and consumers to sell and buy renewable energy without paying more to companies, suppliers and other intermediaries. This is a platform to combine energy developers, investors, and consumers through a global network of decentralization that allows energy assets to be funded and launched


We will begin by growing new administrations that will advance financing and tokenized vitality exchanging what's to come. To begin with, we will set up a 108 MW Superior Windhan venture in Kazakhstan. The arrangement is to give the advantages for money and exchange vitality to be enhanced. To really fund and exchange vitality tokens, we have to get the Windhan (WHN) tokens. WHN will be issued on the closeout of Windhan tokens.

The task whose thoughts we will consider, to discover an answer for the issue portrayed previously. In the meantime, it is conceivable to be figured it out. Also, this venture is called Windhan.

The task itself was created based on the Ethereum blockchain and it empowers it to utilize innovation as crowdfunding, drawing in expansive activities to understand its worldwide thought of creating sustainable power sources.

Problem With Windhan:

Solid power plants give us this power, which, lamentably, does not generally profit by their activities. Be that as it may, a considerable lot of these power plants are exceptionally risky and perilous for our wellbeing and the biological condition of our property. What's more, obviously I'm discussing the kinds of stations that utilization atomic power, and the wellsprings of non-sustainable crude materials to create solid power. Shockingly, the outcomes of such work stations are vast and there is something that should be understood.

Advantages of Wind Power:

Is a wellspring of clean vitality for the long haul future. Wind turbines produce contamination free, solid, practical vitality. It's moderate, spotless and reasonable. One breeze turbine can be adequate to produce vitality for the family unit.

The blade is associated with a drive shaft that pivots electric generators to create power. Wind turbines a consistent normal breeze speed of around 14 miles for every prior hour wind turbines can deliver power. To create a lot of power, numerous machines can be introduced together to shape wind fields.

Points of interest of Wind Energy:

Since wind vitality is the consequence of changes in temperature because of warmth, and the interminable wellspring of vitality, wind vitality is likewise inexhaustible.

This is a perfect, dependable and savvy control source.

Power created from wind does not add to an Earth-wide temperature boost and corrosive downpour.

Contrasted with the vitality from atomic power plants, there is no danger of radioactive introduction to wind control.

Since wind is a non-contaminating and sustainable power source, wind turbines make vitality without utilizing petroleum derivatives, without creating ozone harming substances or radioactive or poisonous waste.

Wind turbine establishments properties can be introduced on property, on vessels or parades. Regardless of whether the breeze turbine is plausible or not is accessible in your general vicinity. The main thing you have to discover is the normal speed in your general vicinity. In spite of the fact that utilizing accessible information openly gives a sign, the most dependable technique is the perusing that is done on your site.

The normal breeze speed must be over 5 m/s (18km every hour) to make the establishment of wind turbines valuable. The perfect area for wind turbines is in this nation, on the ranch, or on the shoreline: essentially anyplace from the region being fabricated. The more structures around the breeze turbine, the less breezes there are. Setting up a breeze turbine is a challenging task that requires some serious energy however can be extremely successful approach to make control as long as the normal breeze speed is very high.

The Vision:

Windhan is an undertaking interfacing the accompanying zones:

Efficient power Energy Producers, Investors, Consumers and Blockchain biological system; development and advancement in every one of these fields is basic. By consolidating in another, troublesome model of vitality financing what's more, exchanging, everybody has the ability to make our planet a superior spot to live.

Supporting Windhan implies supporting maintainability since it unites vitality makers, financial specialists, and shoppers with regular premiums – to set aside some cash and to make a decentralized, shrewd and clean future.

Our essential target and long haul objective is vitality venture financing, exchanging and the tokenization of future vitality, the Windhan sustainable power source undertaking and stage begins to address the issue of how the vitality segment and blockchain innovation fit.

Design Feature:

Notwithstanding the assets that the Windhan venture expects to gather with its inner token, the engineers are endeavoring to kill the bureaucratic layer between the vitality source and its purchaser. This move will essentially decrease all costs accordingly diminishing the last expense of power itself.

Points of Interest:

Note that this task as of now has all the fundamental authoritative and lawful understandings to complete its activities, which is exceptionally satisfying. In addition, the engineers obviously know the sum they have to execute this idea. In their reports they give a reasonable money related model of what is what amount, showing even the last sum including VAT. Frankly, the sum required isn't little on the grounds that just the creation of 27 wind turbines will cost the undertaking 134 million euros, and this will incorporate a ton of different expenses. In this way, the ICO is important to gather the fundamental assets by crowdfunding.

ICO NAME Windhan

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