The ICO can be explained as the collection of offers for the public offering of a crypto. ICOs are a kind of pawn. Organizations that wish to introduce a crypto currency, application, or product attempt to collect funds through the ICO. Interested investors invest in this project with cash or crypto currencies. In return for the investments made, they will have another digital currency indicator, as clearly stated in the ICO.

Experts in the finance field believe that tokens will work in the future to provide excellent profitability. An organization with an ICO uses it as a way to promote the assets, objectives, or location of a financial expert, or to create a digital currency. ICOs are used by new generation companies to overcome the rigorous and targeted capitalization procedure required by investors or banks.

A critical factor identified in the ICO is the immediate withdrawal of assets. In other words, things never seem like ads. The speculators do not finance any stage of the creation of a product, investigate its quality, and provide no assets for demonstration in various financing rounds. The ICO ensures that a large amount of money is collected, not only for the product, but also for the entire activity period of the company. Therefore, an ICO initiator may continue to promise good things for its initiative, even though it does not actually have any budget control.

What is Product Protocol?

Product Protocol is an open source protocol that provides integration with all business processes, fund management and financial operations, based on mass funding and mass borrowing campaigns. Product Protocol is focused on creating a platform that allows an entrepreneur to identify assets and create funds for scaling.
Companies in the Product Protocol are more scalable than ever. A universal token for the identification of assets allows you to instantly create a digital entity and enable people from all over the world to buy it in a decentralized market.

The main problem in the current market is the misleading data that create suspicion among market investors. Undoubtedly, inability to work, life, shrinkage is a measure of the business sector. The lack of adequate basic leadership and resources, the simplification of managers' tools and rapid market duplication lead to an interest in more fundamental methods for basic leadership. Technologicalisation of real monetary resources has a chance of exponential growth and new opportunities. Quick and harmless confirmation is difficult to understand. With the participation in 2017, annual revenues are 500,000 - 5 million USD.

In the Product Protocol, an organization affiliated with the Product Protocol, using two original advanced resource and square chain technologies, will be advertised as a non-centralized advertisement benefiting from the business to overcome existing issues.

In the Tokenma area, another progress financing procedure will be implemented by making an incentive for the business. This enhances fame for the actual chain frame and real business choices, and is interested in enduring different operating methods.

It can be used in the areas of resource identification, differentiation, digitization, evaluation of complex criteria, screening of situations, responsibility for giving resources. This is computerized life for members in the real economy depending on the trade of toughened resources. This will confirm the possibility of building another world.

Currently, the use of square chain innovation is reduced to theory only by cryptographic processes and markers. In the meantime, financial progress can be made on the grounds that the advancement of development choices and complexity meets them with the deep-rooted connections of the members.

The vision of the Product Protocol is to provide contracts open to most business cultivators. Except for the possibility of using, it may be considered to shorten the time, reduce the costs associated with the hazard and change the chain of guarantee. Or you can take advantage of the ready stage when moving an item or administration. Organizations that do not use square chains do not ignore the cryptographic market liquidity and avoid 90% of the problems identified by issuing their own markers. You can start using the migrated records, make attempts and open up new markets.

The favorable conditions and the benefits of Tokenisation are the way to enter the advanced area of ​​advantage. In the event that a gain is decisive in the forward field, it is the type of assets. Any non-dynamic or non-slip weld can be considered. For example, nominal currency, securities, debt, transportation, city construction, real home, etc.

Indicating responsibility for budgetary resources has a monetary impact, such as money-related securitization. In other words, it is becoming a coastal source that gives a chance to fund an open market. The arrangement points to interests and advantages for computerized:
Localization of access rights to data in sources
The ownership of benefits is a rare independent property
Obtain unnecessary information on asset agreements and data on resources and related market members
Data encryption protection and unapproved
Robotization on the grounds of adaptive contracts and business-minded contracts.

The maintenance, management and trade of the stolen resources is a scattered procedure within a square chain network. The system of managers, developed by the marker innovation of assets, can significantly increase the effectiveness of use, reduce the potential of chance and the costs of managers.

Token Distribution

65 million PPO bucks are offered for sale with ICO. 5 million PPO is devoted to marketing efforts and consultant payments. The platform will be supported with 15 million PPO. 15 million PPO is reserved for the team. A total of 100 million PPO will be printed.
Distribution of Funds

35 percent of the fund collected is devoted to project developments and PP coin fund. A large part of 30 percent is reserved for marketing and the first product to be coinulated through the platform. 15 percent to the team, 10 percent for legal support, while another 10 percent for the technological support reserved for the slice.
Road map

When we look at the road map of the project, the project idea was matured from 2017 until mid-2018 and the team recovered.

In the third quarter of 2018, private interviews and marketing campaigns were carried out with market predecessors.

In the last quarter of 2018 MVP was put forward. This is very valuable for an ICO that has not begun. In addition, efforts have been made to ensure private sales and integration with more than one real sector companies in this period.

This year, we see that the works for integration with 10 real sector companies continue and this will continue until the third quarter. In addition, the general sales and coin distribution will be made in this period.

In the last section of the road map, the opening of the platform from the third quarter of this year and PPO to be listed in the stock market. The integration studies carried out with real sector companies are expected to grow to more than 40 companies. And they are aiming to make an international opening out of a regional project.
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