EXTRADECOIN : A Crypto Currency Trading Platform

What is Extradecoin?
Extradecoin is a trading platform for cryptocurrency ensuring an essential feel to market your investments, in creative terms it is a platform with interface designed and detailed in the blockchain theme. Cryptocurrency is the financial future of the world and this is increasingly clear, but the scam theme is somewhat embarrassing that unfortunately happens frequently. The scam theme is not interesting to argue and exemplify, because we know that we mess with the frustrations of investors and with this mind Extradecoin is working on security and every aspect related to this topic and you investor or sympathizer will have no worries. So to improve the strengths of this project the platform will offer a leverage system, but what is leverage? Well, it works as a "bet" that allows investors to negotiate the margin with double the amount of the deposit.
Extradecoin is a crypto currency trading platform with help that investors can use to trade on the Crypto exchange. This platform is designed to provide high quality, reliable and safe financial assistance. In addition, the goal of Extradecoin is to present the latest technology platform with the best user interface experience and at the same time create an ecosystem to maximize benefits for the community.
Extradecoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Investors can trade crypto-crypto on the exchange. Extradecoin was founded with a desire to provide a quality, reliable and secure financial platform for investors. In addition, we want to bring you the latest technology platform with the best UI experience on the Extradecoin platform, and at the same time build the ecosystem to maximize benefits for the community.
Extradecoin is the exchange platform for cryptocurrency. Extradecoin has many amazing features:

High transaction speed, reaching more than 1,000,000 transactions per second.
Support various trading methods: eg, spot trading, margin trading, futures, centralized, decentralization. (It will be launched as mentioned in the roadmap) ...
Extradecoin will support almost any coin in the market.
Currently, you can use Extradecoin on your laptop, mobile phone. The app on your phone will be updated as soon as possible. In addition, Extradecoin has three distinctive features:
Borrowing platforms: Extradecoin is a bridge for investors who have free money on the exchange with investors, who need money to trade in the short term.
Play Token: Blockchain Based Game Ecosystem, which supports the Gamer community, has a transparent and fair play.
ICO listings: Support ICO projects that have difficulty in raising their funds or need list support on the exchange.
Extradecoin connects sellers and buyers. Anyone can easily trade cryptocurrency on our platform. If customers use our ETE coins to transact, they will get the lowest benefit you get on the platform around 0.01% (ETE) compared to an average of 0.05%. Whether you place a buy or sell order, we will not charge a deposit. The withdrawal fee will be calculated according to the current tariff changes.
Extradecoin will provide clients with free analytic reports to help customers trade effectively ... This is also one of the special features planned for customers in our ecosystem. In addition, Extradecoin will have a high Interactive Broker (IB) commission policy that will offer up to 30% of transaction fees received by Extradecoin per transaction.
Extradecoin targets certain customer groups:
Investors: Extradecoin will help investors buy most of the digital currencies available on the market. We offer services with the lowest transaction fees, minimum withdrawal time, fast transfer process, and immediate place orders.
ICO Developers: Extradecoin supports new ICO projects in the opening process and calls for funding. We assist customers in choosing and investing in ICO projects. We also help investors to sell tokens even if the ICO project is still running. After the ICO is finished, investors can continue trading this coin at Extradecoin. By doing this, Extradecoin helps the ICO community to grow so that it can increase liquidity and token value.
Gamers: Token Play is a place for gamers to entertain and also benefit from playing games. When playing games on TokenPlay, gamers use coins to exchange in-game services. TokenPlay will have high security information. At Extradecoin, individuals can also become gamers and investors simultaneously.
Ability to process
The integrated Extradecoin platform will produce a very fast processing speed, which will allow the market to get high liquidity. Thus, cash flow continues to be processed and there are no transactions that help because of long waiting times.
The main function
Extradecoin will allow investors to trade spot through limit orders and market orders. In addition, we will do so to support margin trading with high margins that we integrate with the loan platform. In the near future, Extradecoin will also build decentralized exchanges. Through a decentralized platform, investors can carry out cryptocurrency transactions without restrictions. Extradecoin will develop new trading models, including transactional decentralization on the Blockchain to meet different investment requirements.
Multi-language support
Extradecoin will support common languages ​​across all user interfaces. The initial release will include English and Chinese, followed by Korean and Japanese. Other languages ​​will be added to Extradecoin later.
Platform transactions
Extradecoin platform is built to be efficient, convenient and integrated data with most devices including:
Web-based trading clients
Android and iOS mobile application
Transaction application on Windows PC (Windows Genuine Client PC)
HTML5 mobile website (HTML 5 Mobile Client)
Some Cryptocurrency Support
Extradecoin is a trading platform that supports various cryptocurrency but does not support fiat currencies (eg USD, GBP, JPY or CNY ...). Initially, Extradecoin will support transactions in popular coins, namely, BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, NEO, ADA, and especially ETE. The list of supported cryptocurrency will be expanded.
Extradecoin will only support highly reliable, valued, and cryptocurrency liquids. We will add exchange rates for cryptocurrency registered for listings in Extradecoin after the end of the ICO. This will help increase liquidity for ETE currency traders and cryptocurrency investors increase the value of our coins, encouraging other ICO projects to be registered with Extradecoin.
Integrating and introducing new ICO projects to the community. Investors can use ETH to buy the ICO token project they want. This ETH will be transferred to the ICO manager, and they will transfer the token back to the investor.
When the ICO ends, investors can use this token to trade in Extradecoin. This will help investors to easily access and buy tokens, but we also help investors who want to sell tokens when the ICO is in progress. This means that investors who buy tokens in the pre-sale phase and save "MyEtherWallet" can sell them when tokens have not been officially traded on the market.
We will issue tokens for Extradecoin. We plan to issue a Token for Extradecoin, dividing it into 5 phases:
First stage, 15% of tokens will be given to the founding team;
Second stage, 10% of tokens will be issued to angel advisers and investors;
Third phase, 5% of tokens will be issued for Bounty & Airdrop programs;
The fourth phase, a 20% token will be issued for Game Pool - Tokenplay;
Last phase, 50% token will be sold publicly
The pre-sale period will begin on 1 July 2018. A total of 250,000 ETE will still be made. ETE tokens will operate on the Ethereum Blockchain platform using the ERC 20 standard
Funds from Pre-Sales and ICO sales will be distributed as follows:
15%: will bear the costs of operating and developing the transaction platform, training personnel costs, and customer support during the transaction process
25%: will include the cost of completing the transaction platform, increasing the network to increase transaction speed and maintain the security system * 30%: will be set aside to make a reserve fund for emergency or unexpected situations
15%: will be allocated to research and development centers for new features
15% for marketing campaigns, advertising in the media to investors to create awareness of Extradecoin.
Visit the link below for more information on Extradecoin:
Website: https://extradecoin.com
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZOZiqfFTu71UiY5-FAWTnHWa2uKqH4wV/view?usp=sharing
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/extradecoin
twitter: https://twitter.com/Extradecoin1
Telegram: https://t.me/extradecoinofficial
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/extradecoin-live-884357164
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