DRIFE - Nexgen Decentralized Ride Hailing Platform

What is the DRIFE?

DRIFE is a decentralized ride-hailing stage energized by blockchain with the objective of empowering worth creators and extractors inside our natural framework – these join the drivers, Commuters, and fashioners organize. DRIFE needs to disturb the current arrangement of activity and clear the corporate arbiters related with the trades.

Their ride-hailing stage has made another perspective for the ride-hailing industry. Their are the primary stage in this claim to fame to express the full features of the decentralized ridehailing economy.


Their stage is proposed to compensate advocates with spurring powers towards the headway of the natural network. Through the DRIFE designing, they can thoroughly offer the best organization practice to engage all accomplices in our economy to get most outrageous utility satisfaction from their thing.

Drivers: It connects with the drivers in their organic network to get the aggregate entry paid by the voyagers due to our 'no reward's feature.

Laborers: It empowers the rider through their dApp to have the best experiences per ride both to the extent organize various decision features and in the midst of their experience.

Architects: It supports originators to make important devices and features to develop the stage's economy.


No Commission: DRIFE goes for moving the focus from the ebb and flow commission-based stages to a decentralized framework with another fiscal model, where 100% of the toll paid by 'specialist' goes particularly to the 'Drivers'.

Lift Social Platform: DRIFE gives additional inspirations to its framework customers contributing towards the stage's enhancement through social correspondence and framework building.

Organization: DRIFE believes in a vote based duty of framework individuals towards budgetary and operational fundamental initiative for the stage.

Prosperity: DRIFE regards the security of the specialists and endeavors to finish distinctive security minds the drivers already on-boarding and keeping in mind that in organization. DRIFE also offers establishment to broadcasting Emergency SOS movements inside the system to ask for help.
Ride Hailing on a Decentralized Blockchain
Applying Blockchain technology in the local transportation or taxi industry is only a continuation of an evolution that has gone on for centuries. Everything is processed through dApps using smart contracts to establish trustlessness and each transaction becomes a part of the blockchain – an immutable record.

Decentralized Platform
Decentralization aims at shifting the focus from a central authority to the driver partners. With the power of the Blockchain technology, the DRIFE platform strives to bring a new paradigm to the ride-sharing scenario and solve the horde of issues that have emerged from the current model of centralized business. The growth of the platform not only contributes to the objective of DRIFE but also enhance the overall value provided to all the stakeholders concerned like driver's income, rider's fare, cybersecurity and transparent governance.

Sustainable Driver Income
Aim is to eliminate excessive transaction fees, reduce censorship (reduce interference from DRIFE side) and redistribute value back to the community, enhance transparency and return governance responsibilities back to the community.

The DRIFE platform is developed with the intention of solving the current concerns in the drivers’ community, alongside enhancing the quality of rides for the customer. Drivers are given incentives to introduce new drivers to the DRIFE platform; which will in turn help to form a social community of drivers, owned by the drivers themselves. The result is a disintermediation of payment to any intermediary between the driver and the customer. This will inspire the new drivers to recommend other drivers until a critical number of drivers as defined by the network are present on the DRIFE platform.

Drivers using the DRIFE platform will be able to build and foster the growth of their own fleet of drivers. This encourages all drivers on DRIFE to start a new business for themselves, as entrepreneurs by becoming a DRIFE partner gaining individual income, without sacrificing any earnings in the form of commission.

Blockchain implementation creates a fully auditable and valid ledger of transactions that is indelible and unforgeable. With a user-friendly interface to access the same, transparency in payments and fare calculations can be achieved.
Will be storing data on EOS Blockchain, which will include all the information about the Journey, Each and every Commuters review and feedback will be stored on the distributed ledger, Commuters will be able to view all the details of drivers

Badge of Honor
Unlike the rating and evaluation systems employed by incumbent players, DRIFE brings in an innovative and holistic approach to gauge the services provided by drivers and reward them accordingly

Architecture: The GET model
Built over the EOS blockchain, architecture leverages three unique properties of the parent chain:

| Decentralized Technology and Economics
| Staking Economic Model
| Speed and High Performance
The GETmodelwillensure that community is well incentivized to buildthe ecosystemfor the nextgeneration ride-hailingplatform.

Every nation has their laws/rules written on the constitution. Any change to the constitution can only be done by the representatives elected by the citizens. DRIFE believes in a democratic voting mechanism depending on the number of tokens staked at that moment. More the tokens staked, higher is the weightage of voting. This is followed during any decision-making. The voting should not be influenced by any campaigning like activities for a decision, violating the constitution's laws.

It encourages active participation from the community members towards contribution by incentivizing them proportionately. Monetary interest would keep the drivers active all the time. For a driver, the incentive (in DRF token) is additional to the fare-per-ride. On the other side, the rider shall pay the fare either in DRF token or other token/currency. If the fare-payment is done in DRF token, then the incentive (in DRF token) is rewarded based on the rider’s behavior for that ride. DRIFE-Economics has token-allocation program to incentivize the discussions among the drivers and passengers on social platform for lifetime. This would help in bettering the platform through highlighting the flaws and finding a good solution relatively.

It plays the role of an infrastructure available for drivers and Commuters to exchange rides. And Blockchain is the medium to achieve decentralization on DRIFE platform. All forms of request are executed through different contracts like payment, ride-access. As the platform scales among users in the market, there is going to be huge amount of data generated, stored on EOS. The need of recommendation would grow rapidly which can be handled very easily using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) models. Eventually, DRIFE would be an amalgamation of Blockchain and AI technologies.
Drife token, DRF is a utility token that will also function as a currency within platform. It will be used to execute ride payments, access loyalty rewards and staking functions on platform.
ICO Model
DRF tokens will be pegged at the value of $0.25 USD
50% of token supply in ICO for sale: 162,500,000 DRF

Soft cap: 32,500,000 DRF (20%).

Hard cap: 162,500,000 DRF (100%)

After the ICO these utility tokens are not just restricted for services but also sold on exchanges.
The Driver and rider bonus tokens are to encourage loyalty from DRIFE customers, this will be distributed in form of free miles to the early adopter of DRIFE APP for commuting, and this is given to both rider and drivers for adding new people to their network.

Presale: Discount Rate-20%
Total No. of DRF to be sold => 32.5 Million

Main ICO I: Discount Rate-15%
Total No. of DRF to be sold => 65 Million

Main ICO II: Discount Rate-10%
Total No. of DRF to be sold => 65 Million

Token Sale: https://www.drife.one/
Website: http://drife.one/
Whitepaper: https://www.drife.one/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Drife-Lightpaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drife.official
Telegram: https://t.me/Drife_officialchat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Drife_official
Medium: https://medium.com/@drife_official
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6hDbqlihawJTGlmYa4P2Tg
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/drifeofficial/
Bitcointalk ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027608.0

Profile links : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2002666

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