How to protect our data, is it possible to store and manage it ourselves and to receive at the same time profit, without giving money for our data to other companies that use them for personal gain !? Yes, it is possible, the DAYTA platform appeared, which promises to all users, becoming a full participant in the project, to protect their data and store them on the blockchain.

The Dayta team believes that we need to control and manage personal information as we see fit, using bilateral relationships with potential businesses that want to use this data for marketing and advertising. The interaction between staff and marketing should be mutual, mutually beneficial and complementary, and should also be transparent, fair and by mutual agreement. For example, only one company can and often stores our personal information, like data in many systems throughout their organization and used by various groups, departments and even external companies. Each copy should be within the scope of our understanding, as well as an understanding of the extent to which it is used for marketing and analytics. This means that the company must request marketing consent in order to treat this request as the right to use our personal information, as one copy of personal data in a single system. Although our information is volatile, ephemeral, on-air, self-representation, self-identity at a certain point in time, used data from companies to the market can include hundreds of copies of our data that are used, manipulated, processed, sold, reused for further marketing, and more. . e. It is this that our differentiator, Dayta, states that each copy of these replicators of our personal information must be transparent and paid for where appropriate.
When launching the blockchain, the Dayta team believes that violators in every industry should use three basic principles:
Use the latest advanced technology, proven and with the interest of the industry and support for new achievements
Have customer-oriented business goals, rather than behavior, or otherwise reduce people with personal information to these items for use.
Provide a profitable / non-profitable basis, which includes items 1) and 2)
We are connected more than ever before, and simply with the risks of using the Internet, we need to take care of protecting our information, our identity, ourselves, as intruders, unnamed global institutions and data warehouses are trying to use our personal information for their own benefit, financial or another There is also power in information that identifies us personally, which captures our behavior on the Internet and when buying, selling products or using services that track our movements, where we go and what we do, when we get there, to whom we talk about that is “trendy” to the extent that a full profile can be created according to our needs and desires.

To restore the power of our personal information, you need to create a precedent for its base of use, not just its origin or processing. In addition to the basic capture, from which all use either grants or records, this personal data stored includes the possibility of self-certification and authentication, obtaining marketing consent, contractual obligations requiring personal data, and legal or government use of our data. In other words, all data from the user’s personal information and external interactions are stored at the user’s request and then access will be granted if it was provided earlier and recorded. Why personal data should be stored in a distributed way by each user!? In order to confirm your personal information, establish it yourself, and then use this base to grant permission to use it. For example, data protection failures in marketing, data analysis and retailing can occur. Only in 2017, in Equifax, the main data processor that serves thousands of enterprises with information about hundreds of millions of customers around the world, there was a catastrophic data breach for 143 million users. Other notable violations when our data were processed by enterprises at a time when we did not know about it. All this promises to prevent the platform DAYTA.
The investor phase is already underway and will be completed in April 2019, Pre-sale starts on May 1, 2019, and the Primary sale is scheduled for May 11, 2019, thanks to which you can become part of the DAYTA project and not just a participant, but a full shareholder of this company by acquiring DAYTA tokens:

The lower threshold for project financing is 3,000 ETH
Upper financing threshold – 45,000 ETH
Available for sale – 1 500 000 000 DAYTA
Price for 1 DAYTA – 0.0000296 ETH
Platform / Type— Ethereum / ERC20
1 ETH = 33750 DAYTA, 1 BTC = 991575 DAYTA
1 LTC = 14556,375 DAYTA, 1 DASH = 22491 DAYTA
Accepted currency for payment – ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH

Tokens are distributed according to the following principle:
30% – Main Sale (ICO)
30% – Pre-sale (PreICO)
20% – Founders, team, advisors
10% – Partners
5% – Provision for business development
5% – Bounty

Distribution of funds will occur according to the following principle:

50% – Engineering
15% – Marketing
15% – Operating expenses
10% – Business Readiness
5% – Legalization
5% – Security



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