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About Adult X Token In light of the Blockchain development, we must assume full responsibility for the customers of this sector. Far from regulatory controls, portions of Visa and the sharing of this data, to portions per type of cryptographic money and the development of new open offers offered by this advance. Under the slogan "A key X for adults - an all-in-one solution for the adult entertainment industry", this effort must be made by 2019.

The name of the base course will be "ADUxHub" - this is the most fundamental basic requirements for adult communication during a phase and give the client a decentralized framework and simple to use. With the ultimate goal of achieving the goal of an "all-in-one game plan", the "ADUxHub" step will consolidate a discount structure allowing customers to get refunds on things arrange and relationship relationship. The game must be made by the internal "Grown-up X Token" (ADUX), but also by other advanced monetary forms like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

After the productive development of the scene, there will be a prepaid card. It will be awarded "ADUxPay Prepaid Card" and consolidated as an additional technique for the part of the stage. The "ADUxPay prepaid card" will also be used as a kind of general portion, for example when the Visa / Mastercard is recognized. In addition, the models / performers will receive an "ADUxPay Prepaid Card Classic" and will be able to quickly dispose of the money earned.


Under the words of mind Adult X Token - Through the blockade Answer for Grown. This operation must be finalized by the internal Adult X Token token, as well as by other typical cryptographic money types, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. After the profitable training of the stage, there will be a prepaid card. It will be distributed "ADUxPay prepaid card" and will be intimately linked as an additional method to spend a moment on the scene. The ADUxPay prepaid card will also be used as a general room, for example when collecting a Visa / Mastercard. In addition, the models / artists will receive an "ADUxPay prepaid card". The most important foundations of the company are explained in more detail below.

"ADUxHub" will be the name of this extraordinary stage which will be put online on January 18, 2019.
Users will be able to use ADUX, BTC, ETH and LTC for:
Buy vouchers from our assistants' associations at a fixed price.
Watch the live adult webcam appears.
Earn induction to private chronicles and model / performer images.
People will be reimbursed with vouchers, design changes and will compensate by:
Evaluate and monitor models / interpreters / workplaces / studios and their content.
Do, work and partner in private / open social affairs.

"Relate Program"

Models / interpreters will have the opportunity to earn a salary by:
Perform via the webcam.
To exchange his own chronicles and pictures.
Partner with people, fans and followers.
Make composite cards open accessible outside "ADUxHub" (introduce your profile and content to new people)

"Auxiliary program"


"Adult X Token" (ADUX) is a Token dependent on the Ethereum Blockchain innovation (ERC20 Token). Thanks to quick and easy exchanges, the "Adult X Token" (ADUX) will serve as the main instrument and primary payment in the planned tasks.

Token name: ADUX
Platform: ERC20 Ethereum
Base price: 1 ETH per 10,000 ADUX, with a 40% bonus
1 ETH = 14,000 ADUX
Tokens sale bonus 50 000 000 ADUX
Total offer: 600 000 000 ADUX
Soft cap: 3,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 35,000 ETH
Minimum personal soft cap: 0.2 ETH

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