One of the greatest innovations of the modern times is the blockchain technology. The bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology was introduced by the mysterious “Satoshi Nakomoto” by the last quarter of the year 2008. This technology did not only revolutionize the finance sector by making available different cryptocurrencies, but as well is revolutionizing the entire universe. These days, almost all projects across different spheres of life are dependent on blockchain technology.

Despite all these developments, cryptocurrencies still at its tender age has some problems which bedevils it. Simple access to digital currency has been one of the serious issues engaging the clients and admirers of cryptocurrency which is the reason ALCEDO platform has made the purpose of obligation to dispatch another platform that will convey answer for this issue and a lot more issues. At present there has been arrangement of cryptocurrency platforms and exchange platforms that bargains with exchanging of digital money starting with one then onto the next, some other platforms manages exchange of crypto-to-FIAT and the other way round. However the truth of the matter is that clients frequently about the pressure they pass through before fruitful change and exchanging. Today ALCEDO has distinguished this issues experienced throughout exchanging and trade which is the reason ALCEDO venture has propelled another platform that will convey an enduring answers for these issues.
So as to make cryptourrency progressively moderate, the team of ALCEDO mean to utilize fixed ATMs through which it will be conceivable not exclusively to purchase or sell any digital currency, yet additionally to exchange one coin for another. This group will make cryptocurrency significantly available, as currently the system of digital currency machines is growing very inadequately. Presently in Germany there are around 58 thousand ATMs, every one of which can be introduced a decentralized framework that advances the circulation of cryptocurrencies.

On the off chance that you cautiously analyze the recommendations of contenders, at that point promptly turned out to be clear the advantages of ALCEDO. Right off the bat, the commission for the exchanges influenced will be insignificant, not 4% like others, and besides, all exchange costs will be limited or disposed.

In addition, because of a uniquely created API association, ALCEDO ATMs will progressively screen genuine costs for the buy and closeout of cryptocurrency, just as offer their fiat exchange in euros.
The ALCEDO platform will join 6 fundamental parts:
• Your very own wallet, with which you can make the exchange of computerized crypto resources, yet additionally their buy, deal and capacity for an uncertain period;
• Crypto-ATM organize. Because of the help of easy to acess crypto-ATMs and the further advancement of its own system, it enables ALCEDO to grow the scope of its services and abilities for its clients;
• ALCEDO - map. Utilizing a bank card and an ATM arrange, you as a client can without much of a stretch and helpfully, and in particular, rapidly purchase, move or money out your crypto resources;
• ALCEDO - coin (ALCE) this token adds to the improvement of the whole ecosystem, and furthermore goes about as a methods for preparing any administrations and reward framework;
• ALCEDO - guide helps toward effectively trade ALCEDO coin anyplace on the planet, for Bitcoin, Euro and different digital currencies;
• Venture plan. On account of the correct methodologies, the engineers mean to extend their conventional strategy and win a huge piece of the market, presenting every one of their advancements and apparatuses.

→Token: ALCE
→PreICO Price: 1 ALCE = 0.2 EUR
→Price: 1 ALCE = 0.4 EUR
→Bonus: Available
→Bounty: Available
→Platform: Ethereum
→Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
→Minimum investment: 50 EUR
→Soft cap: 100,000 EUR
→Hard cap: 16,000,000 EUR
→Country: Germany
→Whitelist/KYC: KYC

ICO [01.12 - 31.05]
Whitepaper: https://www.alcedoplatform.com/assets/images/Alcedo-whitepaper-eng.pdf
ICO: http://alcedoplatform.com/
Website: http://alcedoplatform.com/
Your BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2002666

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