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Introducing myself, Last Ravage Opinion, a solo project

This is a reflection of my soul, as I would like to be pictured. I'm all about music, this is the first and only painting I ever made, of course, I'm not a painter, I believe music doesn't really need a face, hence, looking good, looking bad, it doesn't really matter, I want to be recognised for what I do, not for my looks.

Last Ravage Opinion Album Cover

Thanks to the ability of playing a variety of musical instruments and my passion for music, I feel the constant need of playing, singing and inventing new melodies, sounds and rhymes.

During the years, I wasted too much time looking for the right people to help me create a unique project, unique music, I never found them and I never had the possibility of hiring session musicians.

I've come to the conclusion of accomplishing everything on my own. It hasn't been easy but with an audio interface, a recording software, some musical instruments, few effect pedals, an old PA system and a lot of determination, I managed to put down 10 tracks.

The internet, communities like Golos and other online platforms have given me hope,optimism, the prospect of a global exposure.

"Last Ravage Opinion" was born, an anagram of my full birth name.

Here's the first track from my homonymous album:

Intro (instrumental)

This track is different from all the other tracks on the album, a sort of dark ambient feeling, especially in the beginning, where the guitar, through a modulation effect process, forms a ghostly aura which is sliced by a creepy low frequency bass line. In the second part of the track a clashing gated drum breaks in and a gradual low frequency guitar part replaces the bass line, a simple keyboard melody enters and accompanies the tune till the end.

Every single song of the album has a different feel, I like many genres of music. The first half of the album is heavier than the second. I produced each and every song without following any standard structure or rules, none of the song could be in the pop charts, at least, not in the contemporary ones.

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