Neluns ICO review

Hi, dear readers! Today we will consider the project Neluns from my perspective. His work is focused in the field of cryptocurrency banking.

Cryptocurrency and their use are still in their infancy. There are many reasons for this: starting from a rather complex system of accession to the use of services and ending with a lack of regulation by States (and somewhere, on the contrary, a complete ban). Therefore, it is not surprising that cryptocurrency have not yet become ubiquitous means of payment. 

The Neluns project under consideration today does not wish to tolerate the current situation and proposes its solution to the difficult task of attracting people to the sphere of cryptocurrency. 

Neluns and their mission 

The project creators have announced the involvement of people in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by improving and simplifying all interactions.

Neluns plans to create a full-fledged ecosystem consisting of Crypto bank, which will also be able to work with fiat, Crypto exchange and insurance company. 

Neluns Bank will have the functions of a regular bank: transfers, payments, replenishment and withdrawal of the account, besides it will be available P2P lending.   

Neluns exchange will allow to make sale and purchase of crypto of assets, and to do it through familiar to all terminals. Users will be protected from hacker attacks.  

The Neluns insurance platform will allow users to carry out insurance of any trading operations made by means of Neluns. 

Ecosystem benefits

1. Finally, the process of interaction with the cryptocurrency purse will be no more difficult than with the usual fiat banks;

2. Payments with low commission even to another country;

3. All financial services in one platform;

4. Issuance of credit and debit cards, which will allow you to quickly buy cryptocurrency for fiat;

5. The insurance system of financial transactions is definitely a new word in this field.

A couple of words about ICO

You can take part in the link

Tokens with the NLS ticker will be sold at a price of 1 USD. Sales end in 4 days or on reaching Hard Cap 112 000 000 USD.


In my opinion, this project definitely deserves attention. In the field of cryptocurrency banking there are several prospective projects, competition should make projects realize faster and in the best way. 

You can follow the project by the following links:

Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram.

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