ZIPCOIN - The True Peer to Peer Trading and Remittance Platform

Today almost every person in the world makes daily purchases, spends money on mobile communication. Internet and uses a variety of payment options, starting with cash and ending with electronic. As a result of these actions, there are delays in transfers from time to time, they can get lost, go to the wrong account because of an error, banks block cards, suspecting a person of illegal actions and ask to confirm that it is he who operates with his own funds.

That is, modern financial payment systems dictate their terms, often set considerable fees for services, give loans at high interest rates and 90-95% of users have to put up with this situation. Banking and electronic systems have a centralized authority and people's funds are not at their disposal, they only see the numbers on their accounts, if it is not cash.

It turns out that these structures are more concerned only about their benefits and almost handcuff people to use their services, earning hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, I believe the emergence of innovative blockchain technology, which gives every person in the world to be the owner of their funds, is natural.

A clear application of this technology has become a crypto payment system Bitcoin, which allows you to make transfers from anywhere in the world, eliminating any intermediaries, and it took a few minutes. That is, people themselves were able to add value to such a digital cryptographic currency and conduct monetary transactions.

_But still a small number of people understand the principles and usefulness of such cryptocurrencies, because everything new requires study, practice and addiction. Therefore, we need simpler approaches to the implementation of such digital currencies in people's lives, which can be offered by an interesting and promising platform called ZipCoin Exchan_ge.

ZipCoin Exchange is a new blockchain platform based on EOS, which is suitable for users of different levels and allows transfers to anywhere in the world, but has distinctive advantages over existing ones. Crypto enthusiasts probably remember what fees were when transferring Bitcoin, when it grew rapidly, it could be 15-20 dollars. ZipCoin eliminates this flaw and offers minimal fees, the customer remains in complete privacy.

The platform will help to carry out reliable operations between users, to exchange digital currencies both online and offline, cryptocurrency rates will be the most profitable from all over the market. All processes will be carried out using own internal token - ZipCoin.

ZipCoin will provide its users with the most cost-effective financial services, combining low fees, high security and the benefits of the EOS blockchain, which compared to Ethereum wins in many positions. Clearly it can be seen in this figure.

The project team sets a priority - the development of this trading and payment system in Africa and beyond, as it is the majority of the inhabitants of this continent do not always have access to simple traditional financial services due to territorial and other restrictions.

Now there is a pre-sale of tokens and I believe that ZipCoin Exchange will greatly help to simplify acquaintance, actions with a variety of digital currencies, make them more popular, facilitate their purchase and sale in one safe place. This is how the next stage of development of the digital world is seen - the use in various areas of people's lives.

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