What is Oniz Token? Introducing ITO Oniz Token Project

_Hello friends, loved ones are still with me again, lani123lani. on this occasion I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to see, in a new cryptocurrency called ONIZ. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still needs efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

The first ITO project appeared on Oniz Token platform and is expected to be a launchpad for potential ITO projects to invest in the electronic money ecosystem, which is in the uptrend period, attracting the attention of investors. Oniz Token helps you to create technology projects, secure transactions, buy betting tips and win by judgment logic, pay services from Oniz Token's partner.

What is ITO?

ITO stands for Initial Token Offering as a form of crowdfunding through the token offering.

If the IEO, the token will be sold on a certain exchange and any investor who wants to invest can go there to buy it. As for ITO, the token is sold on the floor of the Oniz project and is covered by risk insurance when buying tokens for investors during the ITO sale period. And of course, investors resell still have a profit.

What is Oniz Token? Why must you own Oniz Token?

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of ICO, and the latest is the IEO. We launched ITO named Oniz Token directly linked with SBOBET to use Oniz to pay winnings and losses in ecosystems with SBOBET to summarize the strong values of transparency and ecosystem, creating the balanced and safe for floor and users.

  • Oniz Token: A payment value created by the Oniz fund future technology development fund foundation.
  • Oniz Fund: Is an open fund decentralized storage and helps its participants can call capital and create sub-projects from owning Oniz Token.

With a strong multi-chain wallet system, Oniz is a technology to integrate crypto payment into life and online payment such as Online Games, Sportbet, Online Casino, Money MLM games, digital banking projects, ...

Outstanding advantages of ONIZ compared to other tokens:

40% insurance after purchasing ITO ROUND 1, 30% ROUND 2, 20% ROUND 3 means that if you do not want to use it for a long time, you can sell it right after the ITO with the maximum price of 40% for floor.

Last round will be X3 compared to round 1.

Use Wallet smart ERC-20 contract to control the amount of money that does not allow inflation or deceit in quantity to make the project transparent.

At the end of the sale, the game will be released, the high-interest deposit program uses that Oniz Token to place a bet.

There are store and coin top exchanges on the app.

Exceeding the number of wallet tokens at the place used to bet and exchange, the Oniz Token contract will not be passive.

What makes a difference for Oniz Token?

A pioneering ITO platform that has just been launched on Oniz Token is a significant new innovation. Oniz Token uses Smart Contract ERC20 with specific information as follows:

Name: Oniz Token
Symbol: ONZ

No details about ITO Oniz Token (ONZ) project:

Total supply => 8 billion tokens
Transaction code => ONZ

From China
ITO sale date => 23h on July 1, 2019 (GMT + 8)
ITO time => 6 rounds in 21 days
ITO Sale => 2.7 Billion Oniz
Team Develop => 2 Billion Oniz balances the market, prevents inflation and Oniz's internal

Payment ecosystem and escrow agent => 2.3 Billion Oniz
Marketing, bounty => 1 billion Oniz
Sign Up => After finishing ITO

Oniz Token's ITO will be divided by cycle. After finishing the first, second and third rounds, the ITO issuer allowed the lucky members to own ONZ to sell ONIZ Token to publishers and gain direct profits as a tribute to the members who believed. The idea is to accompany ONIZ with the maximum price up to 40% round 1.

In addition, Oniz Token is provided with multi-threaded wallet app technology that no electronic wallet can provide.

What is Oniz Token used for?

Initialization of technology projects involving multi-sequence payments that Oniz can support.

Buy betting tips and win from several tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars depending on the type of bet.

Pay products from partners that accept payment by ONZ or projects initiated from ONZ.

You can use ONZ to pay in the game that Oniz is linked to or created by the Oniz platform itself.

Sign on ONZ: a form of entrusted investment and a very high profit from Oniz. You see details of investment packages below.

ONZ archive: Monthly interest rate up to 30% / month + profit earned when the value of ONZ increases. This is a quite safe investment form.

Trading with Oniz: the form of money is popular in Vietnam with hundreds of thousands of surfing traders every day.
Link with Oniz: receive Oniz commissions through referrals.

Participate in projects published by Oniz: Online Games, Sportbet, Online Casino, Money MLM games, digital banking projects ...

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