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USDQ StableCoin

The 1st element of the ecosystem is the exchanges. USDQ bargains on the secondary market at the price of 1 dollar for 1 USDQ, respectively traders interact with this coin, as well as with any other. To buy USDQ at the exchange is the first way by means of which it is possible to get stablecoin. ( ).

What is special USDQ ?

The special, which contains a number of significant components of the ecosystem, is considered to be the acquisition of credit in stablecoin USDQ through crypto mortgage ownership. The Deposit amount for the purpose of issued stablecoin is D %, at which point D is the final amount determined by Q Box, which is considered a self-learning neural network and is approved by the management token holders. This way, someone comes the loan leads to ensure the sustainability of the token USDQ.

Accordingly, if the latest crypto assets enter the ecosystem, the generated smart contract publishes the latest USDQ and sends them to the borrower. If the lender seeks to take out a guarantee and repay the loan, someone proceeds with a refund operation in the website, the presence of this paying a specific profitable rate due to the application of the stablecoin loan. After USDQ return together with the payment of a fee for the use of plastic money, scriptactive de zasovyvayut and return to the location of the wallet of the borrower, and tokens USDQ burned.

Credit in usdq tokens is allocated in a short period. If the loan continues, in this case, you should bring the Commission to the management of q DAO tokens. If the loan does not return in a timely manner, in this case, the guarantee in the cryptocurrency is transferred to the inviolable stabilization asset. In case of liquidation of the assets of the crypto stabilization Fund, the main ones will be implemented.

About the q Box utility and what is it?

In the guarantee of crypto assets, the consumer contains the probability of not only acquiring a loan in USDQ, however, and determining the m window in each device. This program involves a self-learning neural connections are ready to carry out the forecast of the monetary directions in the base of consideration of new products, charts in the trading of monetary units.

This line investigates the neural procedure for adoption of opinions. The pace of teaching depends on the number of crypto assets that the user has assigned in the Deposit. More than their Deposit, that someone investigated more rapidly and that more and better monitoring occur. In addition, the user is able to determine the Q Box in a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, thereby increasing the pace of its teaching. The program functions only up to these times, as long as the user contains the crypto asset in the Deposit.

The second role of this neural bond is that the beloved not only foreshadows the actions of monetary directions, but in this case, because the period disposes of q DAO tokens, which represent the importance of the disposing token in promoting a stable usdq coin.

Q Box also contains 1 with the most important functions — in the absence of its concept does not exist b decentralized. Bonds neural data presenting predictors that will predict the direction of the cryptocurrency and provide resolution according to the change of Deposit rates.

QDAO token and a little about it

With the support of q DAO management tokens, it is possible to cast your vote and implement regulations that have a great impact on the whole ecosystem.

Neural connections of any user will be improved at their own pace, and for this reason, the monitoring, what they do, will also be different. And if in one or another-in this case, the period most of the Q boxes, regardless of the degree of their possession, predicted that, for example, the direction of the crypto currency that is in the Deposit, will fall and it will be necessary to make the impact according to the stabilization of a stable coin by increasing the Deposit rate, in this case, this permission will be thrown into a referendum, in which place any owner of Q DAO management tokens will be able to vote “against”. If the owner of the Q DAO management tokens does not take any part in the voting, his speech is automatically made regarding this permission. This way, if the majority of users voted in spite of, absolutely nothing nothing is made, and if due to concept changes. In addition to voting, the Q DAO management token is used to pay the Commission the presence of the closure of the guaranteed debt view, the Q DAO token is also traded in the re-auction.

Most importantly, the stabilization process USDQ StableCoin

This Q boxes, which will provide a resolution in the database of accurate algorithms on the need for the implementation of the crypto asset in the event that its cost falls below the shown estimate. The presence of acceptance of conclusions q boxes communication regulates the human condition of impact in the ecosystem.

The price in the contract is constantly held to the extent of 1 USD. In this case, the period as well as the price of the USDQ token in the re-auction can deviate from $ USD 1 to the significant or the smallest side, the smart contract provides the price of 1 USDQ = $ USD 1. For this reason, if the value of usdq tokens increases in re-trading, traders have the opportunity to purchase USDQ using a smart contract, according to one value and sell them in re-trading according to the caused value. This leads to an increase in the number of USDQ in trading and, in accordance with this, to dilution of the cost, which gives it to the evaluation of $ USD 1.

In the case if the cost USDQ in repeated bargaining is lowered, without exception, is done on the contrary, it is likely to purchase USDQ in the stock exchange more efficient and implement the smart contract is more expensive, what leads to burning USDQ in bargaining and in accordance with this, the increasing cost until a valuation of $1.

Sell USDQ smart contract will be possible only in this case, if the owner of a stable coin in the Deposit contains crypto assets. For this reason, in order to acquire income based on the usdq value difference, you will need to install a crypto asset.

At this price 1 USDQ in repeated bargaining constantly stabiliziruemost for the operations of traders and changes in the number USDQ staying in the rotation.

The second method of stabilizing the value of the USDQ token is also associated with Q boxes. F % secured scriptaction begin to be implemented if their cost of bargaining falls in E % up to this time, until the Deposit will not be will achieve the desired balance between the number of scriptactive and issued a stable coin (D) with the aim of providing value USDQ 1 = $1. In what location E, F, and D — the last rate defined by Q boxes and approved by the holders of the token management Q DAO. In case, if the cost of scriptaction, residing in the Deposit, is lowered until the threat assessment, computed before, in this case, scriptactive, residing in the Deposit, proceed to apply to close USDQ which will be burned instantly, what will be the equation of the cost of 1 USDQ to 1 USD.

Management team

i-Chan Huang: Chief Strategy Officer

JiJun Kim: Korean Community Development

Eddie Argueta: Head of Communications

Jitendra Rathod: Marketing manager

Martin Saldamando: Strategic Partnerships

Howard H.Kim: Blockchain evangelist

Takeshi Ito: Business developer

Inna Halahuz: Exchanges manager

Herry Vu: Singaporean Community manager

Maria Danilova: Manager of Community Relations

Julia Della Scala: Business Development

Artem Finko: Marketing and communication manager

Anton Dziatkovskii: Platinum co-founder

Dan Khomenko: Platinum co-founder

Daria Volkova: Project manager

Engineering team

Slava Mikh: Team leader

Eric Risthisen: Blockchain Analyst

Slava Zhelt: Senior Security Specialist

Haleel Risthisen: Blockchain engineer

Nick Krash: Blockchain Architect

Alex Adil: Blockchain engineer

Den Udot: Back-end engineer

Ivan Borisov: jabatan

Jack McAvoy: Quality Assurance Analyst

Mike Keenum: Front-end engineer

Victoria Robert: Product Designer

Nick Moro: DevOps engineer

Rus Inoz: Research Scientist

Eunchae Jang: IT Support Manager

Rinat Rez: Front-end engineer

Kate Ez: Front-end engineer

Nick Pisarskiy: Front-end engineer

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