Rokes Exchange - Blockchain protocol to manage your country in the 21st century

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What is Rokes Exchange?

Rokes Exchange is a trading platform for buying and selling digital currencies, which will be fast, simple, reliable and safe. Rokes Exchange offers the best rates for buying or selling digital currencies.

The company is registered and managed in accordance with Estonian law. All customer transactions that are posted and processed directly with Rokes are governed by Estonian law.
A blockchain based state management tool for modern technology-based countries. Get your country's management efficiency to a whole new level.

What are we doing?

Review of our project


Useful Wallet for the Community

1.Fast setting
Just import all parliamentarians, government officials and population databases and you are ready and ready to go in less than 30 minutes.
2. 100% safe
Data for each country is stored in an isolated environment. Strong encryption is used for all data and communication, ensuring compliance with international standards.
3. Can be adjustedThis works for every country in the world, regardless of population size and form of government. All features, dashboards and notifications are fully customizable.
Designed for mobility and comfort:

More than 50 great features have been designed to work with leading e-government officials using the state of the art 21 st century software development:
1. Adjustable dashboard
Whether it's overall happiness in a country, unemployment rate, or participation rate in the latest polls or e-voice, you can see everything on the dashboard that is strong and customizable.
2. Advanced e-voting
_Generate public polls by simply clicking a button. All citizens and residents can vote on law, discussion, or any issues, using their cellphones.

The CountryOS platform has been developed for cosmopolitan people whose phones and tablets are as important as laptops:_

_1. Secure communication Our communication layer is based on the Estonia X-Road protocol, enabling the exchange of data that is fully secure and auditable.

  1. Strong authentication Various powerful authentication methods are supported, including national ID cards and 3rd party providers.
    _3. Based on smart contracts Collaborative features are built on Ethereum smart contracts, thus providing a completely transparent and safe voting process.
  2. Strong APIs We provide APIs that provide access to various types of data, including aggregated data that is anonymized for statistical analysis
    _5. Original mobile applications Government officials, parliamentarians and citizens all have a simple and efficient native iOS and Android version. Learn again.
  3. Push notifications Notification of upcoming electronic elections and declining reputable party popularity - everything is easily pushed to your phone.
    7. Chat with people Create a public forum or open a chat window with government representatives or union leaders.

Strong integration

You can use CountryOS as the command center to do anything basically.

aragon.orgAragon allows you to organize and collaborate freely without limits or intermediaries. Create organizations, companies, and global communities, free of bureaucracy.

Commons Card

Debit card solution

Too much government debt on your balance sheet? Do not worry! With Transferwise you can pay back all of your foreign debt by clicking one button, faster, and cheaper than before.
The most importantChat with special interest groups and world leaders who understand other technologies. Inject important country statistics into your chat with our special Mattermost extension.

The developer?

Want to integrate your services or specific scripts with Country OS? Our lightweight JSON / REST based API makes this process very easy.


State digital independence. uPort is a sovereign identity system.


To get clear information please visit the link below:
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Username: lani123lani
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1220105
Address ETH: 0xaeC6B59a69a13FBea61AC87b27Cc50d8F594F923

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