MOCO Evolution of Human Communication Tools

We will provide Article to present the “ MOCO” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.

The hope of joining the This project is very big for us, before you join it will be better if you understand the project besides it will add to your insight and improve information for you especially understanding the project’s vision and mission so that it adds to your trust in.

The MoCo Platform is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional project whose every step of development changes the world a little more. It does so by destroying old paradigms and creating new possibilities.

The first step is to provide the world’s first -anonymous- 3D Avatar Chat and Creator’s Market where users can communicate, create, buy and sell safely and securely. In the next step, MoCo will begin live-streaming chat and other services which will completely disrupt the current video streaming and video tuber models. The final step will be to make immersive 4K/3D VR communication possible for anyone that owns a smartphone or web camera, from anywhere in the world.

With the MoCo token, users will be able to purchase and sell original goods and subscribe to any streaming content quickly and efficiently and without any loss in quality. All Avatar and Video content will be managed by the blockchain to protect and manage copyrights.


Our overall mission is to bring about a completely new stage of communication throughour revolutionary technology. As mentioned in the Executive Summary, we plan to do thisin three stages of development.

As we now know,most crypto/blockchain projects have been or are based on empty dreams and promises about some incredible future product that mayor may not ever be brought into reality.
Here at MoCo, we also have big dreams and some incredible future products, but weknow it will take time and diligent work to complete and we need your support to getthere.

As we work through our roadmap and develop the three stages of our platform, MoCo’smission is also to bring back trust that there really are legitimate projects that have realsustenance and are worthbecoming a part ofand supporting, such as the MoCo Project.That’s why we are committed to focusing 100% on each stage of our project to make themsuccessful before we go onto the next stages.

The World’s First Anonymous 3D Avatar Chat and Creator’s Market

VR Motion Communications (MoCo) is a revolutionary communication platform that will change the way you communicate online. In the first stage, we will present the world’s first anonymous 3D Avatar Chat and Creator’s Market

The MoCo Platform’s online Marketplace will include both an Official Store where users can purchase official avatar-related content, and a Free Marketplace where users can monetize their own original avatar-related content

Live Streaming Chat & 360° Virtual Reality Events Held Anywhere in the World

In the next stage, the MoCo Platform and technology will enable large scale, simultaneous broadcasting of Live, 4K/8K, 360° Real Time VR streaming events around the world, such as World Cup Soccer games, the Super Bowl, and sold-out concerts by top level musicians on the other side of the world. It will also create a whole new VTuber universe — but in 3D — where users can also monetize their creativity and talents

From 2D Communication into 3D Communication

In the final step of our platform development, we will combine our A.I. Video Compression, AI Automatic 2D-3D conversion, and A.I. motion capture technologies, to make it possible for users to enter the VR space using only their web cameras or mobile devices. Users will also be able to create their own customized Avatars or Character bots and move around in, create and experience user-made virtual RooMs, and communicate with their family or hang out with their friends.

Create and Monetize Your Original Copyrighted Content

Users will be able to create and monetize their own original copyrighted content, supported by the MoCo cryptocurrency token. Based on blockchain technology, the MoCo Platform and the MoCo Token will allow the development and buying and selling of original content in a fast, safe, and secure ecosystem. Individuals and businesses will be able to meet and communicate with others all over the world safely, and they will also be able to create their own personal monetized economies utilizing their own talents and ideas, and engage in secure commerce with each other as well.


Sculpturing the future of Communication

MoCo’s disruptive key technologies will open up a world of new communication possibilites.
With our revolutionary technology, we will bring people around the world closer to each other by allowing them to communicate naturally and seamlessly — and anonymously, if they choose- online via their original Avatars, and within the VR space as 4K scanned versions of themselves, just like there are really “there.”

In this platform of the future, users will even be able to use all of MoCo’s amazing A.I.-based technological tools to create their own customized social or private virtual universes, and monetize them, too!

Video Compression

This technology can reduce 4K/8K content data to 1/100th ~ 1/1000th its original size, while providing lossless video quality (this includes 2D and 3D video content)
This technology enables large-scale distribution and delivery of 3D and 4K/8K Live and recorded content (such as 3D avatars, streaming video, and even 360° VR content), to TV’s and computers and mobile devices over the Internet

Motion Capture (A.I.-based 2D→ 3D Automatic Conversion System)

Through Image Analysis and Machine-learning technology, and the collection of visual and sensory data, we will be able to offer a Visual Information x A.I. Network that until now, has never been attempted by anyone. This technology captures live motion and minute gestures in real time through web cameras and mobile devices, and then learns it and translates it into a HD 3D representation (both for 3D Avatar Chat system and later stage 4k+ live, scanned VR version) of the original subject which can then be moved and controlled using only a smartphone or web camera.

Token Distribution

  • PRE-SALE 1: 20 June 2018–30 Days +60% Bonus
  • PRE-SALE 2: 20 July 2018–90 Days +40% Bonus
  • PRE-SALE 3: 1 Oct 2018–30 Days +30% Bonus
  • PRE-SALE 4: 1 Dec 2018–120 Days +20% Bonus
  • TOKEN MAIN SALE: 1 April 2019–182 Days +0% Bonus


2018/Q1 — Birth of the idea for the MoCo Platform
2018/Q2 — Seed
2018/Q2 — Pre-Sale 1
2018/Q3 — Established “MoMoco” project to develop World’s 1st Anonymous 3D SNS Avatar app
2018/Q3 — Pre-Sale 2
2018/Q3–1st successful compression & Live Streaming of 4K/5MBPS/60FPS (only 3–10 second delay)
2018/Q4–1st successful compression & Live Streaming of 4K/5MBPS/60FPS (360°)
2018/Q4–1st successful 3D scan with single camera using human subject
2018/Q4 — Pre-Sale 3
2018/Q4 — Pre-Sale 4
2019/Q2 — Crowd Sale Start
2020/Q1 — MoMoCo 3D Avatar App 1st Mock-up
2020/Q4 — MoMoCo App Open Beta Launch in App Stores
2021/Q3 — MoMoCo Marketplace Launch
2021/Q3 — Fight Club Game Launch
2022/Q1 — MoMoCoin = Moco Token Exchange System Launch
2022/Q2 — MoMoCo App 100,000 Downloads
2022/Q3 — MoMoCo App 300,000 Downloads
2022/Q4 — MoMoCo App 500,000 Downloads/Start Live Streaming Chat
2022/Q4 — VR Chat System/VR Real Time Event #1

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