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The introduction of blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrency came with the characteristics of transparency, Decentralization, trust etc. but these features were not realistic. Therefore the initial aim of creating Ethereum blockchain was to solve the issue of centralized transaction in a seemingly Decentralized world of the crypto currency. Yet we still find out that this aim has not been accomplished, due some factors affecting the Ethereum blockchain such as : Delay in transaction, lack of efficiency , Non scalability-High transaction /gas fees and other factors.
Hence the need to create Etherum basic with features that will complement and transform Ethereum blockchain thereby encouraging more individuals and organization to adoption of cryptocurrency. Get more information here:

Considering some of the factors I have mentioned above and more that are hindering efficiency and complete implementation of Decentralized transaction, a team of professionals decided to come up with a unique cryptocurrency known as (ETBC) Etherum basic that has all it takes to put an end to a lot of factors affecting Ethereum and by so doing encourage a complete Decentralization.
ETBC is designed with great and innovative features, tools, mechanisms as well as services that are in operation right now although not yet updated on Ethereum schedule. . Get more information here:

There are a lot of unique features that make Etherurm basic different from other cryptocurrencies, such as : a complete and comprehensive, PoS( proof of stake) unlike others that are partial, increase scalability by increasing network capacity using on-chain and off-chain solutions etc.
But for the sake of this article I will point out only one important feature which is the Etherum Basic Dex. Which will be introduced about 6 months after the launch of Ethereum basic main network? Ethereum Dex will be a decentralized Exchange owned by Etheruem Basic and will be called XDEX. In order to promote the adoption of ceyptocurrency , unlike other Decentralized Exchanges where users complain of complicated interface , XDEX will be designed in such a way that it will be user friendly and complete Decentralized .
Also, in addition to its own unique features including selecting coins to be listed without charging any listing fee, which will be done by the XDEX community members via voting , XDEX will have all other features that every Decentralized Exchanges have . Get more information here:

The team will carry out a Snapshot of the ETH network on 16-05-2019 and 16: 00 GMT. Everyone holding ETH will be eligible to receive free ETBC coins at a ratio of 1:1. Also note that everyone who wants to participate in this Airdrop must hold His or her ETH in his or her personal Eth wallets. Do not hold your Eth on Exchanges as the Snapshot won’t capture it and you won’t receive any free ETBC. However, if your ETH is in an Exchange Account please transfer them to your personal wallet where you have the private key. After the Snap shot, the ETBC network will be launched on 26-05-2019 and 16: 00 GMT. Get more information here :

Token symbol: ETBC
Initial supply: 2million ETBC
Intial distribution: 95% of initial release amount
Beneficiaries of distributed toke: Bounty hunters and Holders of ETH.
Airdrop will be in 1:1 ratio


The idea behind the creation of Etherum basic coin (ETBC) is an innovative idea that will not only enhance the Ethereum coin and blockchain but will also transform the entire cryptoworld by encouraging mass adoption via its unique features which will reduce transaction fees, enhance the reward system as well as promote Decentralization in the cryptoworld. Be a part of this community today and earn free ETBC.

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