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Eternalcoin (EIS) is the ERC20 based token to be used in connection with the Eternal Inc Network. EIS serves for both trading cards as well as participating in tournaments. With the introduction of EIS on the existing Eternal Wars platform, we intend to oer virtual goods on the Blockchain, mitigate fraud and high fees as well as create an innovative gaming experience with real value. With EIS, we will have access to the following:

Market Problem

The Problem of License

Gamers do not own the cards, only the license to use them. Virtual items are basically just licensed to the gamers, and these items are often only available for use on the proprietary platforms. In fact, they can even be manipulated, lost, or reverted with little recourse for the users.

The Problem of Fraud

Authenticity of cards isn’t known. Based on estimations, for each legitimate virtual purchase made, about 7.5% virtual items are lost to fraud , . It is a common knowledge that assets stored and managed online are often exposed to manipulation or chargebacks. This means that merchants have to deal with extra burdens, and scammers damage the game's reputation.

The Problem of Liquidity

Cards can’t be easily sold or traded with little or no recourse for the users. The Problem of Constant Spending, High Cost and Slow Transaction Spend to keep up with new expansions. Developing a platform for managing virtual goods is often time-consuming and costly. Developers pay 30% to platforms. Game publishers and communities depend on third-party platforms for the processing of virtual goods transactions. Gamers often experience opaque fund ow, slowness, and high transaction fees7

The Problem of Centralization

Economic benets are not going to players. Virtual items and digital currencies are usually locked to a single game, and are non-transferable. Also, if a player becomes banned, they can easily lose all their items and currency.

Eternal Inc Solutions

We are oering the gamers an opportunity to own their assets on the Blockchain. This means that players can earn and own cards by holding EIS.


The nature of Blockchain makes records to be easily identiable without any form of manipulation.

Card Exchange

We are creating a user-friendly market; where users with EIS can buy and sell cards Decentralized As a Blockchain-based system, centralization will be eradicated.


Eternal Inc’s rst game is called Eternal Wars. The brainchild of Saul Syed, an avid gamer himself, Eternal Wars is based on the popular Japanese Gacha theme. The original idea for the game was created in 2012. However, it took several years before the game came into fruition. This was due to the fact nding the right team, via outsourcing and freelancers, to create the idea was proving dicult. In 2015 Saul decided to bring all the work in-house. Firstly, hiring sta in South Africa for creating the initial assets required and then sourcing programmers to bring everything together in the UK. This allowed him to oversee every aspect of the game, from the algorithm to the functionality of each action and event. Eternal Wars is a fully-functional cross platform card game, which was released on March 2017 with currently over 10000 downloads both on iOS and Android. Eternal Wars is a trading card game (TCG) in a mythical fantasy universe that features online live multiplayer faction battles (PvP). This multiplayer TCG game will allow you to manage and create your deck, battle with your deck, play games online, participate in Arena PvP and much more. The game is a free-to-play game, however, players can buy cards via in-app purchases. Players can freely trade cards they own within the game via our trade market. But due to the nature of games, players do not own their cards. This is what Eternal Inc hopes to solve by introducing the EIS. This token will allow users to mint their cards in exchange for EIS, which will hold real world value to them. 75,000,000 EIS will be circulated within the Eternal Wars game. Players will also be encouraged to buy and sell tokens from the exchange where our token are listed. We will be looking to introduce special cards which can only be purchased with EIS. These special cards will be limited in number, which in turn will increase their value over time. An example of this would be something similar to Cryptokitties. A web-based game where several of their ‘Kitties’ have been valued in the thousands of dollars, due to their scarcity.


Eternal Inc targets three major groups:

The gaming industry is worldwide and huge. It is a very wide platform where billions of gamers and millions of developers interacting. Yet, there appear to be some aws in the traditional system, which has made this interaction to be inecient. There is a need for players to own their assets as well as collaborate and communicate. Game developers even tend to face the challenge of high fees from marketplaces and high costs of acquiring users. Eternal Inc Network decentralized ecosystem helps to solve these problems. Eternal Inc is designed to change the way online card gaming industry operates through the use of the programmable logic of smart contracts, the immutability of Blockchain ledger and high speed of transactions with the aid of the Blockchain technology. For users of our platform, we are oering the following in an attempt to create a better online gaming experience:


The main objective of the token sale is to raise capital to develop the Blockchain architecture, the webpage, associated digital wallets to hold the tokens and for future games. EIS can be spent in game, for in-app purchases, to buy Cards, or to enter tournaments. Tournament prizes are paid out in EIS.


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