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The art market has failed to innovate and persisted with inefficient systems that benefit auction houses and galleries but do little for the creators and collectors of great art. ArtPro is bringing the outmoded art industry into the 21st century while eliminating the fakes that are endemic to the industry via a proprietary three-part provenance solution.

Art has long been valued for more than its beauty. From Old Masters to contemporary pieces, art has been used as a store for wealth for people wanting to invest in assets that are largely immune to the movement of the financial markets. The chain of title, however, is as valuable as the work itself with complete provenance correlating with higher returns. As much as 30% of all art sales are believed to involve forged pieces. The Deloitte Art & Finance Report 2017 lists ‘authenticity, lack of provenance, forgery, and attribution’ as ‘the greatest threat to the reputation of the art market’. The online art market is yet to reach maturity and efforts to promote its growth have been futile because buyers’ concerns haven’t been addressed. The lack of transparency surrounding both condition and pricing, a shortfall of available information to educate buyers about the art and the reliability of the authenticity of a piece have been preventing the conversion between browser and buyer.

ArtPro is creating the go-to marketplace for private dealers and contemporary artists, with a strong focus on emerging talent. The ArtPro platform will open the art world to the masses, making it possible for anyone to discover and purchase fine art online without the excessive fees, intermediaries, and steep learning curve that have traditionally made art available to only to the privileged and the well-connected. Certificates of provenance, stored on the blockchain, attest to the authenticity of each artwork on the ArtPro platform, but that is only the beginning.

ArtPro forms a complete ecosystem in which traditional and contemporary art harnesses cryptocurrency, smart contracts and augmented reality to create an open platform that supports everyone from emerging artists to first-time investors. Through partnerships with galleries that are working with rising artists, ArtPro’s MVP will launch populated with contemporary works that can be admired and acquired instantly. Buyers have the option to store purchases in a secure facility for investment purposes or to have them shipped to a location of their choice. The ArtPro ecosystem shall be characterized by transparency and fairness for the benefit of all participants.

ArtPro does not profess to unilaterally solve all of the problems afflicting the art industry. The ArtPro platform, however, will play a significant role in helping the art world to advance into the digital age, and in democratizing fine art for a global audience.

ArtPro will operate as a platform that connects participants and stakeholders within the ArtPro ecosystem. The most visible manifestation of this will be the ArtPro website and dApp, which form an information-rich portal for accessing a complete suite of resources for art aficionados.

Education and access to contemporary art are provided through a range of multimedia resources including articles, tutorials and videos. Aspiring investors will be guided through the fundamentals of appraising and acquiring fine art, from first steps to advanced strategies. Most importantly, buyers and sellers are connected, enabling art to be traded instantly using the APT token via the MetaMask browser or in-app wallet.

Developers are free to create dApps built upon the ArtPro protocol, and a reward fund will incentivize the development of meritorious projects. Features such as provenance reports and the ArtPro marketplace can be integrated into third party platforms via API, bringing artists and their work to a wider audience.

Features of ArtPro
Catalogue of Available Works
The ArtPro Platform offers works from emerging and established artists. Whether you’re a collector or an investor, ArtPro has something for you

Digital certificates stored on the blockchain provide complete provenance for every piece of art on the ArtPro platform

User Rating System
The ArtPro Marketplace uses a rating system to encourage transparency, set buyer and seller standards and drive confidence

AR App
The use of AR, to provide a realistic representation of art in a 3D space, will help to drive more sales and will eliminate some of the problems associated with buying art online. It will also give the app real-world utility, making it much more than just a tool for passively browsing works of art.

The ArtPro Marketplace
The ArtPro marketplace operates as an online gallery where individuals can browse art and learn more about its composition and creator. All works on the platform are verified and provenance reports are readily available for download so prospective buyers can view the journey of the work as well as it’s origins. Each work of art is priced in the viewer’s native fiat currency and in APT – ArtPro’s native token.

The ArtPro Marketplace also allows users to ‘try before they buy’ using cutting edge Augmented
Reality software. By granting would-be buyers the opportunity to see the art in situ in their own
homes, we introduce a level of tangibility to the online art market.

The ArtPro Marketplace will use a rating system in tandem with blockchain-held reports to deliver a high level of transparency. It will create a benchmark for sellers to aim for and buyers to seek that will be transformative to online sales.

Buyers search for available work on the platform. Using filters to narrow the search, there is the option to view works only from verified sellers.

Once they have chosen a piece, the provenance report is downloaded using the APT token. When satisfied, the buyer can add it to the cart.

Payment is made using APT. Once the checkout is complete, the token is locked into the smart contract. If the vendor is verified, the APT Token will be released straight away.

Once successful delivery of the art has been confirmed or inventoried in a secure vault, the payment is released to the vendor.

Feedback is left by both transacting parties for our reputation system and ArtPro receive a small sales commission.

Functions of the Marketplace

  • Connects participants and stakeholders
  • Allows art to be browsed and filtered by type, price, artist and style
  • Acts as an information-rich portal for art lovers
  • Provides strategies for appraising and acquiring art
  • Enables transactions using the native APT token.

The ArtPro APT Token

The ArtPro marketplace functions as an online gallery where people can browse and learn more about its composition and creator. Each work of art is priced in the viewer’s native currency and APT, and can be purchased instantly.

The ArtPro platform uses the non-expendable token standard (NFT) ERC721 to assign a unique identity to each work of art. This allows you to track and transfer your lineage. ArtPro Reports will be the first dApp to be built on the ArtPro platform. It will contain a complete directory of each work of art inventoried by ArtPro, with its attached source report. Users can browse through the selection of artworks.

The ArtPro team is fully committed to creating the best possible platform for the community, the purchase of the APT token will allow access to the investment fund and purchases made in APT will be eligible for a minimum reduced investment threshold. The price of 1 APT will not be quoted in trade until 2026. The tokens will function as the main economy of the ArtPro platform.

Token Details

Token name: APT
Token type + designation: ERC20, utility
Number of tokens minted: 500,000,000
Unsold tokens: Burned
Public sale price: $0.15
Pre-sale price: $0.1

Token Distribution

35% Pre-sale
20% Founders & Advisors
15% Public Crowdsale
17% ArtPro Investment Fund
10% Developer & Emerging Artists
3% Airdrop & Bug Bounty

Funds Distribution

10% Legal
15% Marketing, PR & events
15% Operational costs
40% Platform development
20% Business development

Road Map

July 2017

Inception of ArtPro platform

October 2017

Groundwork commences for core team

February 2018

Official registration of UK entity: ArtPro platform LTD

May 2018

Public release of ArtPro website and whitepaper

Q3 2018

Presale - ICO crowdsale

Q1 2019

Beta launch of MVP

Q2 2019

Lunch of MVP with partnered galleries & artists

Q4 2019

Introduction of augmented reality to the platform

Q2 2020

The first ArtPro art exhibition in London

Q1 2021

Release of the quarterly ArtPro collector's publication

Q4 2021

Release of the ArtPro art investment fund

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