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Hello everyone, I’m here again with AMANPURI project which is a blockchain base project on ETHEREUM network. Most of my articles in the last few days have been about crypto-currency markets. Today I have come across a new crypto-currency exchange platform during my research in which I believe this project will offer a lot to crypto-currency community and most especially the crypto-traders.

Majority of crypto currency traders around the globe have very little knowledge about the basis of crypto-currency trading, some even lack the real technicalities involved and because of this they have been recording losses in all their trades. This is why AMANPURI has introduced a new exchange that will bring more technicalities to crypto-currency traders.

AMANPURI is a designed with the most leveraging value in the history of crypto-currency trades. The platform is designed with good security system to protect the assets of the traders. Another feature of AMANPURI is the provision of good customer support and good user interface is also a great feature of this platform.

AMANPURI is also designed with low trading fees, high level of trust and transparency is another feature which AMANPURI has implemented in its platform. If you have been a trader for some times and years, I believed you would agreed with me when I said crypto-currency exchange platforms have been extorting their traders and members over the years. Majority of the trading platform lacks transparency report which should have made it easy for traders to checkmate the activities of the platform and its progress at large.

At the beginning or at the launch of new crypto-currency exchange platform, the platform always promise heaven and earth to gain more traders and customers into their platforms in which at the end of the days they don’t always deliver up to the expectations. Today I’m glad to tell all my subscribers and followers that AMANPURI has come to the crypto-space to revolutionize the whole exchange and trading industries through the use of blockchain technology. One of the advantages of blockchain technology is the high transparency level it has which means the data and information for every transaction can be verified on the blockchain network.

As listed above, the aims and objectives of AMANPURI platform which include low trading and exchange fees. Trading fees as been another obstacle to traders in recent times, they have been seen using their profits generated to pay for the trading and withdrawal fees in the other trading platform which is why AMANPURI trading and exchange platform have introduced a low trading fees in the platform.

I mentioned leveraging as one of the features of AMANPURI platform. Leveraging has been the best trading methods over the years in which huge profits have been generated by traders who engaged in spot trade. AMANPURI also provide the traders with 24/7 customer support services which has been lacking in the other trading platform.

Good user interface has been another great feature of AMANPURI trading platform. With AMANPURI good and simple user interface, both new members (newbie) and professionals will be able to navigate and trade in the platform without any difficulties.

On a final note, the security of most trading platform have been a under a huge threat recently because we have seen lots of exchange platform been hacked. This is why AMANPURI has adopted new security system to safeguard the assets of the traders and customers in the platform.

AMANPURI has introduced its own native token which will be used in the platform for all forms of reward and trading fees.


  • Token Name => AMANPURI
  • Token Type => ERC20
  • Token Symbol => AML
  • Token Price => 1 AML - $0.08 USD


  • 60% Allocated to Sales
  • 20% Allocated to Exchange Holdings
  • 10% Allocated to Team
  • 5% Allocated to Advisors
  • 5% Allocated to Various Rewards


  • 62.3% Allocated to Management & Administration
  • 27.7% Allocated to Marketing
  • 8% Allocated to Development
  • 2% Allocated to Initial Preparation


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