Features Of TradeFinex Platform

The XinFin TradeFinex platform has been designed with great features to handle trade and finance transactions in the 21st century through the deployment of blockchain technology. We are going to critically examine the features of the TradeFinex platform which stands it out as a great tool for global business.  

Features Of TradeFinex Platform 

Some of the key features of the TradeFinex Platform are: 

IoT Integration: The IoT integration of the TradeFinex platform makes it possible to settle transactions on the platform through digital smart contracts. This will also provide real-time access for beneficiaries and financiers on the platform.  

Legally Binding Digital Contracts: The TradeFinex platform has the capability to create legally binding smart contracts between participants through the XDC blockchain.  

Alerts: Participants on the platform can configure their accounts to get real-time alerts on transactions on possible risks.  

Hedge Pool: TradeFinex also has a hedge pool feature which makes it possible for participants on the platform to hedge the fluctuations of the XDC Token against fiat currencies.  

Incentives: The platform also provides the feature of incentive through the XDC Token for participants who use the platform for commerce.  

Marketplace: The platform also acts as a marketplace for participants. Participants on the platform can connect without restrictions and consummate contracts on the platform from start to finish. 

Payments: The platform also enables cross border and domestic payments using its XDC Token through regulated financial institutions.  

Wallet Services: TradeFinex also provides the feature of wallet service to participants. This ensures guaranteed secure payments on the platform using the XDC Token or other accepted fiat currency. 


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