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Hibtc Crypto Exchange

The fact is that digital currency has experienced massive growth in the last decades and has contributed significantly to the development of the global economy and finance. Asides this, it laid the foundation for distribution of digital assets and value discovery and connect the digital currencies with the real-life world. As at Q1 2018, it was established that there are at least 500 digital currency exchange and a whole lot of digital currencies with a market value of around USD 400 billion. Despite the rapid and noticeable growth of the digital currency market, it is fraught with lots of challenges such as security vulnerabilities, low efficiency, backroom deals and many more. This problems have limited the growth of the digital currency market and also cost investors a lot. So, how do we solve these myriad of challenges? The HiBTC platform intends to revolutionize the digital currency market by developing a digital asset exchange that is transparent, modernized and safe.  

HiBTC is using a new technology and design concept and will also provide a transparent, viable, orderly and efficient digital asset trading platform for all its users. They cater for all participants to enable them to achieve their investment goals without any hindrance. The platform has a professional financial unit to furnish investors with investment target options and robust risk hedging tools. In addition, this platform is committed to creating an enabling investment environment. In view of this, the HiBTC token (HIBT) was issued by the platform to act as a digital asset and also represent the rights and interests of the platform. Unlike other platforms, the HiBTC platform will regularly disburse the revenues generated by the platform to all HIBT holders. Another feature of this platform is the “Dividend Bonus Program”, which allows users to enjoy the basic dividends as well as other dividend bonuses.  

HiBTC intends to break the barriers inhibiting the transmission of information between users and company and between shareholders and management as associated with the conventional "firm" model. They aim to build a shared and all-inclusive organizational structure to enable all HIBT holders partake in the activities of the platform as well as make business decisions relating to the platform. HiBTC invented the exchange “1+1” currency listing dual-channel model, which revolutionize the conventional listing model and incorporate the HIBT holder recommendation channel into the platform. It is expected that this innovative model will open up unlimited opportunities for its users and at the same time eliminates the short-term interest binding to enable users make an informed decision. HIBT represents the core component of this platform, HIBT holders will enjoy many benefits which include; access to revenue distribution, right of listing recommendation, right of election and supervision and allowing them to participate in the decision making. 

The advantages of HiBTC includes; transparent and orderly, safety, risk control, efficiency and a host of others. The main priority of this platform is to ensure that the digital assets of its users are safe and secured. To achieve this, the platform collaborated with leading security companies to analyze the platform codes and install multi-layer firewalls before launching the platform, and after its introduction, it utilizes multi-signature as well as hot/cold wallet separation to keep most of the assets in the cold wallet for the maximization of the security of the user assets. In addition, this platform can conveniently handle multiple transactions within a short period, this is due to the incorporation of financial-grade transaction system into the platform, which utilizes a well-designed memory coupling algorithm. For the control of risk, HiBTC will introduce financial derivatives with regards to digital currency and they include; token financing, forward contract, futures contract and option contract. 

HiBTC discards the conventional centralized structure of a company and there is no management or board of directors. The founding team are responsible for the provision of technical support to aid the operation of the platform. Community members can utilize their tokens to contribute their quota to the development of the platform, they can also make decisions on all the significant matters pertaining to the community via smart contract voting and get their share from the platform incomes according to their token financial capacity. HiBTC will publicize all their data on a regular basis to enable the participants verify their data and transactions.  Read more by clicking these links;  website whitepaper telegram twitter facebook 

Author -  Jagaban


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