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DNatix Brings Genomics to Blockchain Tech

Having watched the X-Men series ever since I was a kid I’ve come to the realization that indeed there are people with special abilities. Though, I don’t mean mutations like the ability to fly or blast energy beams from the eyeballs but peculiar mutations that give one person a disease-resistant genome over their contemporaries. These kinds of people do exist but are very hard to find. I mean how do you expect to capture the DNA of someone who hardly ever falls sick and as such has little or no reasons to go for treatments that might require him or her being tested or examined? There are several illnesses out there in the world today which have no cures but there are people with a unique resistance to most of these diseases and it is believed that having information about their health and knowing what makes them so resistant to these ailments will undoubtedly lead to a mass development of drugs that will help treat others who are susceptible to the same diseases. Because of the large number of people, mostly Africans, who possess the Sickle Cell Carrier trait (AS), scientists have been able to gather plenty information on why these individuals have a natural resistance against malaria parasite. However, this information is limited to only a handful of circles because of its centralized form of storage. As a result, it limits the potentials of further research and development for several other scientists. Now, if this centralized form of genomics storage can limit the growth and research of more potent malaria-resistant drugs based on the DNA of people who are naturally resistant to the illness, one can only imagine how many other advances in healthcare have been cut short as a result of inaccessibility to the needed genomics data.

DNatix has mapped out a sustainable system of genomics data storage that will be authentic, auditable, transparent and dictated by the general users via a futuristic blockchain integration. DNatix's system involves partnering with several healthcare organizations from all over the world and securing the genomics data of patients (with their consent of course). Doing this will ensure that a scientist in Kuwait can have access to the genomic information from an individual in Latvia without the need to cross borders or file needless paperwork to get it. Top scientists can have unfettered access to viable and dependable medical knowledge on a global scale; a move that will greatly improve the development of medicine using data gotten from genomics of various individuals. This decentralized system of genomics data storage also grants participants like you and I, access to manage our own health and even go as far as monetizing it based on the data we have supplied.

DNatix is organizing an ICO in a bid to actualize their plans to improve global healthcare using concrete genomics information of every human. If this plan is realized, everybody will be able to have possession of their genomic and health data. With free and unshielded access to the DNatix blockchain platform that will be easy to use, individuals will be able to utilize their own data in providing a better personal healthcare for themselves. Everyone can be rest assured that their data is safe and stored securely with the system’s AI features. What’s more is your data belongs to you and you alone control who can tap into it. You will be able to decide whether you want to share information about your genome to third parties through donations or accepting payments for it. DNatix is a massive project that will gain global recognition because of its plan to help everyone benefit from improved healthcare via decentralized genomics storage. Investors who purchase the DNatix tokens from DNatix's token sale now are not just going to reap bountiful rewards in future but will also take joy knowing that they were part of the founders of a global healthcare revolution who made the world a better place to live in. Website Whitepaper Twitter Telegram Facebook 

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