Hello, for all community friends wherever you are, best wishes to you, seeing me again this time I want to give an explanation of what coffee and coffee is a very advanced commodity business today, see my explanation below.

Drinks that have cash flavors are indeed so special. Coffee itself is produced from coffee tree seeds that have gone through a series of processing processes. Ranging from picking seeds, drying, cooking to grinding to produce a delicious coffee flavor. The type of coffee itself is indeed quite diverse starting from local coffee, civet, robusta, and others. Enjoying coffee is indeed a tradition for Indonesian people ranging from rural communities to urban areas. The culture of drinking coffee does extend to various countries not only in Indonesia but also abroad. The high demand for coffee makes the coffee business opportunity more profitable. Coffee business is one of the businesses that is considered to be the most popular beverage products. The demand for coffee does not come from within the country but abroad is also very high. So it is not surprising if the coffee business is starting to be in demand by the community. Are you interested in running this coffee business easily? How to run this coffee business easily! To run this coffee business you can say it is very easy and easy.

The LOVE Air Coffee platform is a coffee business platform by combining the crypto industry and a highly profitable commodity business. LOVE Air Coffee's team has developed innovative tools for roasting coffee beans. This method significantly improves taste and aroma. This technology keeps the beneficial trace elements contained in coffee and minimizes the weight loss of grain during processing, which significantly increases profits. On the basis of our equipment, the latest baking shops will be opened in CIS countries and Europe. Our finished products are already on the market and in the near future, we will open a large number of brand new selling points.

The blockchain technology will provide us with mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, consumers, suppliers, competitors and other representatives from this industry.

How does coffee roast work

~ Coffee beans fly in hot air at 300 ° C;
~ There is no contact with hot metal, which reduces the number of defects in grains and minimizes weight loss;
~ All micro and mineral elements are maintained, which makes drinks much healthier;
~ High-quality and high-quality uniform roasting, which maximally enhances the taste of finished drinks;
~ The roasting time only takes 13-15 minutes;
~ The ability to adjust the intensity and level of processing of raw materials that best meet the tastes and preferences of consumers.


the Solution; The Love Air Coffee
The Love Air Coffee is a blockchain based platform that has brought together a new generation of coffee production network which is based on air roasting method. Air roasting method is an innovative method for roasting coffee beans which will improve to a great extent the taste and aroma of coffee.

This method also preserves the beneficial trace elements that are contained in coffee and also helps greatly in increasing profits by minimizing loss of weight in the grain during processing.

How are you interested, not with the LOVE Air Coffee platform or you want to see in detail about LOVE Air Coffee, please see the link below:



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