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Investa offers a unique platform of complimentary crypto services which work in tandem to enable our users to manage and invest their Crypto in a managed portfolio. Investa has been engineered to offer best in class crypto fund management, ICO investment, lending, prepaid debit card and ATM network. And it is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with INV tokens.

    The Investa platform is developed and operated by a team of experienced, qualified tech, financial and business experts. Investa is more than just a blockchain project, it includes innovation, security, scalability, and flexibility. Our founders and core team members are expanding rapidly and will be announced in due course. The team has worked together on previous projects and we want to make sure that we maintain rapid progress without any publicity disturbance at this time. Certain non-competition and confidential limits prevent public disclosure of teams until such persons are lost to follow-up.

    Investa core and partners represent the highest quality personnel in their field and investa is happy to be part of this visionary project


The INV Platform will be the multi-currency payment gateway inside the INVESTA ecosystem, allowing its users to exchange Fiat money, cryptocurrencies, or virtual goods for any liquid assets available on the platforms as well as quick access to all our suite of products and services.

Multi-asset compatibility (any decentralized asset compatible with and accepted by the INV Platform).

Best available foreign exchange rate and transaction fees.

Decentralized and secure storage.Direct access to services such as ETF Basket, Enterprise Loans, Launch pad, Asset Management, INV Cards, Remittance services and much more.Multi-asset compatibility (any decentralized asset compatible with and accepted by the INV Platform).

INV token sale is the first step on a path to a new world order in which we are the kings of our realm, so join us and let us say enough to the shackles of banks and governments and regulators and corporations.Best available foreign exchange rate and transaction fees. 

InvestaCo is committed to a completely transparent process even outside of open source code. Here's another way we want to convey transparency and community control.

Involve an accounting firm for a third-party audit, which will be reported to the public.

The coin holders will be able to contact the investment team through some redundant channels such as slack, telegram, twitter and community forums

    The founders will be limited to liquidate their INVs with tariffs of more than 20% of the total pool within the first year. This is to prevent dumping and keep the token price stable. It also keeps their interests in harmony with the INV community over the long term

    Minimum threshold amount will be required to complete the crowdsale token. ICO will have a series of cap level. If crowdsale does not reach the soft limit of 1 million, any funds received during the crowdsale token will be returned to the original original wallet. Assuming the soft cover is exceeded, but 50 million token hard caps are not met, unsold tokens will be stored for market liquidity support. Any funds received after reaching the maximum limit of 50 million tokens will be returned to the sender's wallet.


This means that the various control functions are delegated to the authorities both internally and externally, to provide greater transparency and oversight of InvestaCoin's inner workings.

    Our coin holders will be able to contact our core team through some redundant channels like slack, telegram, twitter and community forums.

    Our consensus-based polling mechanism will ensure that democratic rules direct our core deviation teams to key chain and platform decisions, which will surely come as we expand to meet the demands of not only our future bondholders but also new customers. Due to operational control & security factors, we can not create a complete opensource codebase but will seek to involve and request community feedback on major decisions where possible.


  • Token Standard    : ERC-223
  • Symbol                 : INV
  • Max Coin Suplay  : 50.000.000
  • SOFT CAP           : 1.000.000
  • HARD CAP           : 30.000.000
  • Base Rate             : 1 ETH = 2,158 INV

    Investa provides an INV INVO token that is currently open for pre-sale allocation. 


Pre-ICO starts on April 12, April 1, 2018 and will continue for 60 days, or until all available tokens are sold.
    Unsold token burned
    Investa (INV) accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, and USD payments for INV. Please see our paid page for more details. You also include a wallet address, such as Metamask, etc.

    Most  exchange platforms only support one languange, only handful are multilingual.
Slow Customer Services and KYC process
    Currently, the delivery of customer services is slow while some exchanges don’t even respond to inquiries at all. Furthermore, the process of KYC (Know Your Customer) is slow and complicated. Take Kraken as an example, when the demand for identity verification is high, it takes around 30 days to complete Tieer 4 verification.

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